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Euskotren and ETS meet Britain’s High Speed 2 to launch joint work on the construction and promotion of new rail networks

2016 November 17

The Basque rail operator, Euskotren, and the ETS railway infrastructures company have been invited by High Speed 2 ( to create technical work teams and exchange experiences on the construction, setting in motion and operation of new railway lines.


The participants in this first meeting were, on behalf of High Speed 2, its Technical and Operations Directors and, on behalf of Euskotren and ETS, the Director General of Euskotren, Imanol Leza, and the ETS Head of Innovation and Internationalisation.


High Speed 2 is responsible for developing and promoting the new high speed network to connect London with Birmingham, in a first phase and, subsequently, with Manchester and Leeds.


Based on the drawing up of a manual for high-speed operation by the International Union of Railways (UIC), on the initiative of Euskotren, a work dynamic has been established with rail companies in the scope of the new networks. Euskotren is currently working on the design of the future high-speed rail link between the Basque capitals and their environs, resulting in the invitation received from High Speed 2 for the respective companies, HS2, ETS and Euskotren, to launch a dynamic of sharing knowledge with one another.


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