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Tapia: “We must have the European resources as soon as possible to be able to carry out these transformative investments we need.”

2022 December 7
  • Minister Arantxa Tapia reviewed the current issues in an interview on Boulevard de Radio Euskadi
  • Tapia considers that it is neither sustainable nor supportive to think that the fibre cement from one place can be taken to the neighbouring municipality or territory
  • Regarding the process being developed by Ulma and Orona, the Minister has shown “maximum respect” for the decision they make, but has stressed the importance of maintaining “these types of cooperative organisations”

The Minister for Economic Development, Sustainability and Environment Arantxa Tapia has responded today to current issues in the interview granted to the programme Boulevard de Radio Euskadi.

Conflict in OSI Donstialdea: “A conflict situation in the healthcare field is always a cause for concern; these types of situations must be addressed through dialogue and negotiation and there is a willingness to dialogue on all sides. The way to deal with it is to talk and channel the situation and try to redirect it.

DO Viñedos de Álava: The application has been processed, all the documentation has been submitted, well supported, and the European Commission must now make a decision. Until that decision is reached, ABRA has applied for the transitional permit, which we have also authorised, and now the bylaws must be approved.

It is important to bear in mind that this is a private decision and that each winery assumes all the risks involved. It is up to us, as an administration, to work with everyone, whether they stay in the DOC Rioja or leave it. We have to work for competitiveness and for a well-positioned quality wine. We will obviously abide by the decision of the commission.  

In other appellations, such as Bordeaux, there are other sub-denominations and they coexist perfectly well. The same could be used within the DOC Rioja. This would be possible if there was a willingness.

Spanish Space Agency: What bothers us is not the decision, but that it seems that it was already predestined for Seville from the beginning. It seems that the process had been opened in order to justify Seville. In addition, there was already another institute that was defined there, without the option of competition. We believe that there could have been different forms.

Economic expectations. It is not the Christmas campaign that concerns us, but the long term. After the summer, we saw that the rise in commodity prices could have a very negative impact that could even lead to a recession, but this has not been the case. Our industry is continuing to work, although growth has slowed somewhat. With an added difficulty, the PERTEs [Strategic Projects for Economic Recovery and Transformation], the Next Generation funds are being awarded late, and there are certain investments that are being delayed. We should have these resources as soon as possible to be able to make these transformative investments.

Energy prices: The situation is less worrisome than we anticipated, but the coldest months are still ahead, and there is no end in sight to the war. This has not been definitively cleared up and our companies will continue to suffer the consequences, as will the administrations and society. A recession scenario is not likely, but stagnation seems more possible.

Renewables: We are in a situation where decarbonisation and the transition to renewables is a reality that has accelerated, but we need to accelerate the permitting process as well; we need these investment capacities to be put in place as soon as possible. We have to ensure that the energy we generate is consumed in the closest places and that we participate in that energy.

Ulma/Orona: The maximum respect for the decisions that make up the two cooperatives and for the decisions of the Mondragon Group. As a country, it is in our interest that this cooperative project based on solidarity, the common good and a long-term vision be considered, because it has proven to be a resilient model that works in good times and bad. It is a cooperative model in the industrial field with an important recognition and we are interested in continuing to have this type of organisation.

Industrial waste management: We have to be aware that we have an approved waste plan until 2030 and we have to be able to address the issue of industrial waste. Through eco-innovation, we must achieve less waste, take fewer materials to landfills and recover more and more materials. As of today, not all materials are recoverable. By European and state mandate, all municipalities must have an inventory and planning for the removal and storage of fibre cement by 2028, and Gardelegi could store those coming from Gasteiz. Each area should be responsible for this waste, based on concepts such as solidarity and responsibility. It is neither sustainable nor supportive to think that the fibre cement we have in one place can be taken to the neighbouring municipality or to the neighbouring territory. We have to store it as well as possible, but we have to do it out of solidarity and responsibility.

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    2022 December 8

    Ez ahaztu hondakinak beste zati batzuek kudeatzen dituztela, nahiz eta herrialde batzuek likidezia kentzen duten, egunean ez dakit zenbat ordaintzen den beste leku batzuetan sortutako hondakin nuklear proportzionalak kudeatzeagatik.

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    2022 December 8

    No olvidar de que gestionen los residuos otras partes incluso países tienen un coste resta liquidez, se oye se paga no sé cuánto al día por gestionar en otros lugares los residuos nucleares proporcionales a la generación.

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    2022 December 8

    Señora Tapia, entiendo que ustedes tienen un señor sueldo en el que nada les pueda hacer pasar por una situación de necesidad, ¿Pero son ustedes capaces de pensar que la ciudadanía tiene otras necesidades que ustedes como es lógico ni piensan? Señora Tapia la transformación que el pueblo necesita es la de trabajos dignos sueldos dignos y un gobierno digno...

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