Irekia open code

The Irekia project, the Basque Government's website for Open Government and online participation, is underpinned by the conviction that any product generated by the administration using public resources must be able to be used freely by and at no cost for the citizens, which is thus in keeping with the Government’s firm commitment towards open code software.

Using existing free software components such as the Linux operating system, the PostgreSQL, CouchDB and Elastic Search databases, Mongrel applications server, the interpreters of the Ruby programming language or the Apache web server (all of which are free software), the “source code” of the different modules produced as part of the Irekia project under the generic name of OpenIrekia, is made available to the citizens, companies, organisations and, of course, other public administrations and institutions. This is all developed under the European Union Public Licence – EUPL.

The different components included in the Irekia portal are listed below:

Participation, news and events manager (oGov), with multimedia capacities. It includes applications for mobile phones.

Photography application for search and downloading images.

Government Programme accountability application. Structured around Commitments, Areas, Goals and Initiatives envisaged for its implementation. Each initiative comes with the individual courses of action that make up its level of execution.

Application for accountability of Mandate Plans developed in the OGP-Euskadi project for the Local Government program of the Alliance for Open Government (OGP). Structured around Objectives, Actions and activities planned for its realization. Each Action is complemented with the individual actions that make up its degree of execution.

In any case, Irekia will constantly continue to evolve and new versions are planned to be published in the future.