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Basque companies and technology centres are interested in quantum computing.

2024 February 27
  • Over 100 professionals from 51 companies in the Basque Country attended the conference organised by BasQ - Basque Quantum to learn about the opportunities presented by quantum technology.
  • BasQ and IBM scientific experts have explained the fundamentals of quantum computing, including its potential and differences from classical computing, as well as more technical concepts.

On Monday and Tuesday, the Ensanche Building in Bilbao hosted the inaugural conference organised by BasQ - Basque Quantum. The conference aimed to explore the possibilities of quantum computing. The participation of over 100 professionals from 51 companies in the Basque Country demonstrates the interest of the Basque business community in quantum computing. This technology is set to transform the way companies operate and create value in the coming years, both in the private and public sectors. This initiative is a part of the BasQ - Basque Quantum Strategy, led by the Basque Government in collaboration with the Provincial Councils of Araba, Bizkaia, and Gipuzkoa. It is one of the actions included in the agreement signed between the Ikerbasque Foundation and IBM.

Yesterday was the first day of the event, which targeted management professionals in companies, as well as managers workings in technology and innovation. Today's event focused on the presentation of IBM's development and computational programming tool for quantum computers, Qiskit. It was of a technical nature.

Objectives of BasQ/IBM Alliance

One of BasQ's main objectives is to establish the Basque Country as a leading ecosystem for promoting a quantum technology-based economy and as a launching pad for new companies and business ventures.

BasQ's key element is the launch of the IBM-Euskadi Quantum Computational Center. This agreement aims to boost quantum research, generate quantum talent, promote economic development, and provide the necessary quantum computing infrastructure to achieve these goals. The strategic alliance with IBM is based on the Basque Country's excellent scientific capabilities. It also aims to establish the Basque Country as a hub for quantum computing training, experimentation, and industrial application by developing use cases.

The IBM-Euskadi Quantum Computational Center will offer computational infrastructure to researchers at the Ikerbasque Foundation and its partners, aiding research staff in achieving their goals. Researchers can use quantum programmes to investigate complex problems, such as modelling new materials and incorporating quantum computing into broader sustainability initiatives. The IBM Qiskit Runtime services, made available through this collaboration, will use an IBM Quantum System One deployed in the Ikerbasque building located in San Sebastian. This new centre is a significant advancement in promoting technological development in the Basque Country and expanding the computing field.

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