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21 de julio de 2022
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I have recently tried to set my level of English in order to fix my background of studies at my personal Basque Goverment file and unexpectedly, I got known that in spite of my Degree in English at the University of the Basque Country in 1996, the level of English regarded by this institution is ZERO, NOUGHT, NONE. I would like to explain every single subject I had to accomplish in English during the years of my beloved degree, but it would take me a very long time... I do really believe you unknow every single thing about what learning and studying a language is, which is a pity and moreover, so unfair to people like me...

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  • 10 de agosto de 2022

    It is extremely unfair and any intelligent human brain has the power of understanding such a simple obvious fact: my level of English, as a Philologist of the English Language is Proficiency( CAE), which is C2. Maybe in another planet...

  • Gobernantza Publikoa eta Autogobernua
    9 de agosto de 2022

    Dear Angelica:
    The regulations in force, referring to the equivalence of language levels of the common European framework, do not foresee that any degree or bachelor's degree has equivalence with any level, so that in order to be able to incorporate the knowledge of a language in your personnel registry curriculum, you must do based on the certifications recognized in DECREE 117/2015, of June 30.
    As you may well know, the degree, in this case a degree or bachelor's degree, is used for entry if required, according to the specifications of the job category. In the case of being a complementary qualification to the one used as a requirement for admission, it can be used as a merit if the different calls for provision so indicate.
    Thank you for participating through Irekia.

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