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(a person is talking about the project on TV) Arratsalde on. Good evening from the Basque Country. Thank you and congratulations to all of you, or as we say in Basque, eskerrik asko eta zorionak. Zorionak Satlantis, zorionak (...), zorionak Cristina. I want to send you my warmest thanks and congratulations on this day when we meet in space. There's a word in the Basque language which sums up what this project is all about: auzolana. Auzolana means shared work in search of the common good. This has been an international public-private partnership. For the first time, we will be sending into orbit a high resolution camera designed and produced here in the Basque Country. So I would like to thank the institutions and companies who are with me now and the Japanese station for their participation in this project. Over the last couple of months, all our attention has been focused on combatting the Covid-19 pandemic. It has made us more aware than ever of the importance of research and its ties to production and practical applications. This project reflects our three-fold approach to investment in the Basque Country: investment in research; investment in an industrial ecosystem that allows for high tech production; and investment in results that will benefit the environment and improve living conditions. This project combines research and technology, production capacity and environmental benefits. And these are all guiding principles of the Basque Research and Technology Alliance. Over the last several years, Basque institutions and business organisations have invested to achieve the result we see today. This is what “auzolana” is all about; working together for the common good. It is a great achievement for our country and one that we are now sharing in the common international domain of space. And so, once again, thank you and congratulations. Eskerrik asko eta zorionak. (Música)04:10.460 (Música)
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