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La consejera Tapia planta un retoño del árbol de Gernika en Washington

2016 July 2
Basque that work and life here, in States,and basque from Euskadi.
I´m going to talk to you some words on behave of president,on behave of lehendakari,
Iñigo Urkullu,
This action, the planting of the treeis for us a representation
and that represents the strength of the tree,and the same time, the singularity of our country,
the singularity of our story, the rights,the freedom of our nation.
So, we want to be recognized this signalas simbol of our ancestor.
Some of them came here, and you arepart of us, and the tree is part of you.
It represents our culture, our identity,our tradition and our heritage.
And from now on, we want to continue buildingthe future of Basque Country,
the future of basque people, and say a goodfuture for all, our people, for our
traditions, culture and someone.From now, to the end of the days, on both sides
of the Atlantics. So this represents
what we going to be, and whatwe going to do from the days, from to days to days
after this. Beraz, eskerrik asko hemenegoteagatik, eta honek esan nahi du
lotuago gaudela hangoak eta hemengoak.Mila esker.
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