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The Lehendakari and Minister Arantxa Tapia attend by videoconference the launch of the first Satlantis camera to the International Space Station

2020 May 20
(a person is talking about the project on TV)
Arratsalde on. Good eveningfrom the Basque Country.
Thank you and congratulationsto all of you, or as we say in Basque,
eskerrik asko eta zorionak.Zorionak Satlantis,
zorionak (...), zorionak Cristina.I want to send you my warmest
thanks and congratulations onthis day when we meet in space.
There's a word in the Basquelanguage which sums up what
this project is all about: auzolana.
Auzolana means shared workin search of the common good.
This has been an internationalpublic-private partnership.
For the first time, we will besending into orbit
a high resolution camera designedand produced here in the Basque Country.
So I would like to thank the institutionsand companies who are
with me now and the Japanese stationfor their participation in this project.
Over the last couple of months,all our attention has been focused
on combatting the Covid-19 pandemic.
It has made us more aware thanever of the importance of research
and its ties to production andpractical applications.
This project reflects ourthree-fold approach
to investment in the Basque Country:investment in research;
investment in an industrialecosystem that
allows for high tech production; andinvestment in results that will
benefit the environment andimprove living conditions.
This project combinesresearch and technology,
production capacity and environmentalbenefits. And these are
all guiding principles ofthe Basque Research and
Technology Alliance. Over thelast several years,
Basque institutions and businessorganisations have invested to achieve
the result we see today. This is what“auzolana” is all about;
working together for the common good.It is a great achievement
for our country and one that we arenow sharing in the common
international domain of space.
And so, once again, thank youand congratulations.
Eskerrik asko eta zorionak.
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