Strategic plans of the XI term 2016-2020

ENVIRONMENT GOVERNANCE PEACE & COEXISTENCE HEALTH SOCIAL POLICIES EQUALITY BASQUECULTURE SECURITY EDUCATION EMPLOYMENT &ECONOMICREACTIVATION COEXISTENCE & HUMAN RIGHTS PLAN2017-2020 IV ENVIRONMENTAL FRAMEWORK PROGRAM2020 PUBLIC INNOVATION &GOVERNANCE PLAN2017-2020 SOCIAL SERVICES STRATEGIC PLAN 2020 VII PLAN FOR EQUALITYBETWEEN WOMEN & MEN2018-2021 STRATEGIC BASQUE LANGUAGE AGENDA 2017-2020 STRATEGIC SECURITY PLAN 2020 IV UNIVERSITY PLAN2019-2022 TOURISM & TRADE PLAN 2017-2020 “BASQUE COUNTRY” INTERNATIONALIZATIONSTRATEGY 2020 V BASQUE TECHNICAL TRAINING PLAN 2018-2021 SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY & INNOVATION PLAN (PCTI) 2020 INDUSTRIALIZATION PLAN 2017-2020 EMPLOYMENT PLAN 2017-2020 HEALTH PLAN2013-2020 SustainableDevelopment PROSPERITY Ensure prosperous and fulfilling lives in harmony with nature PEOPLE End poverty and hunger in all forms and ensure dignity and equality PLANET Protect our planet’snatural resources and climate for future generations PARTNERSHIP Implement the agenda through a solid global partnership PEACE Foster peaceful, just and inclusive societies STRATEGIC PLANNING EUSKADI 2020 (in the framework of the sustainable development objectives of the United Nations) LEHENDAKARITZA PRESIDENCA