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Egoitz Laburu Rodríguez

Roles Start date - End date
Other positions in recent legislatures:  
Director del Instituto Vasco de Administración Pública (Public Governance and Self-Government) from 2021-07-03 to 2021-12-27
Director de Régimen Jurídico, Servicios y Procesos Electorales (Security) from 2020-10-03 to 2021-07-02

General Director of the Basque Institute of Public Administration (Department of Public Governance and Self-government) 07-03-2021

We are an autonomous body attached to the Department of Public Governance and Self-Government of the Basque Government.

We collaborate with the public administrations of the Basque Country to provide citizens with efficient, quality and bilingual services, based on shared values of public service.

Among our functions is the selection and training of personnel at the service of the public administrations of the Basque Country, the promotion of the normalization of the use of basque language (euskera) in the administration and official translation, and the establishment and dissemination of legal-administrative terminology in basque language (euskera), as well as advice and promotion of research in linguistic, legal-administrative matters, Basque autonomy and the improvement of management and the promotion of the digitization of the administration.

Representative of the General Administration of the Basque Country in the Basque Council of Public Function.
Member of the Basque Advisory Council.
Member of the editorial board of the RVAP (Basque Journal of Public Administration.)
Natural member of the IVAP Board of Trustees.

Contact data
Email ma-zorroza@ivap.eus
Telephone 945 017601

Donostia-San Sebastián, 1 - LAKUA
01010, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Araba/Álava

Photo Egoitz Laburu Rodríguez
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