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Mª Luisa Arteagoitia González

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Other positions in recent legislatures:  
Directora de Innovación Organizativa y de Gestión. BIOEF (Health) from 2015-05-05 to 2019-07-17
Directora de Planificación, Ordenación y Evaluación Sanitaria (Health) from 2013-01-18 to 2015-05-05

This directorate collaborates with the Health Department in the design, planning, management and evaluation of strategic and operational plans related to innovation activities. We provide support to the Basque health system for the continuous reinvention of its health services, instruments and management systems, fostering debate, prospective, anticipation of trends, changes and demands, so that the system is adapted to the population needs continuously. We promote and facilitate innovation in the Basque health system, directing these activities towards the strategic priorities of the system; designing most suitable organization and/or structures for these processes; favoring commitment of human and material resources, based on rationalization criteria and making easier its integral management; ensuring the coordination of management activities and the harmonization of procedures. Finally, we contribute to positioning the health system and the Basque Country, in general, as an international reference and partner.

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