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Public sector politicians Economic Development and Competitiveness

Leyre Bilbao Elguezabal

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Other positions in recent legislatures:  
Directora de Tecnología y Estrategía (Economic Development and Competitiveness) from 2013-01-11 to 2017-01-31

She is responsible for developing the department’s competitiveness and cluster association policies, as well as those of the European Union.

She develops and implements R&D&I programmes to create and support innovating, technology-based companies. She manages the programmes of the Science, Technology and Innovation Plan and promotes and takes part in actions relating to the creation and implementation of strategic technological and innovating infrastructures linked to the science and technology policy of the Basque Country.

She develops and implements programmes intended to favour a technological infrastructure designed to increase industrial competitiveness and promotes technology transfer between companies and technology centres.

She supports the training and recruitment of research personnel and is responsible for relations between the Scientific-Technological Agents of the Basque Network of Science, Technology and Innovation, as well as inter-institutional forums on technological issues.

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