Kontuematea: publication of the accountability software of the Basque Government

Irekia Licence

Introduction to the EUPL licence
The Basque Government and the rest of the public administrations participating in the OGP-Euskadi project has released “OpenKontuematea”, the application for the public accountability which is now available to users, developers and the general public under the “European Union Public Licence – EUPL”.

Within the framework of the Alliance for Open Government, an international reference organization whose purpose is to evaluate and develop mechanisms to promote governments that are “more open, responsible and responsive to citizens”, The Basque Country has been selected as one of the 5 new participants in the Local Government Program of the Open Government Alliance (OGP). This application is the tool developed for compliance with Commitment 1 of Accountability through Mandate Plans.

This licence, which was developed within the European Union, was created as a licence under which programs and applications developed by public administrations could be freely distributed, and was specifically designed to be compatible with other "free" licences such as the GNU General Public License (GNU/GPL). This feature gives free applications greater legal security and promotes interoperability between e-Government services.

The European Union Public Licence

EUPL v.1.1



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