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Irekia statistical data

The Irekia portal encompasses three fundamental pillars of an Open Government which are transparency, participation and collaboration. Irekia is a tool open to citizen participation and to direct communication online between the general public and the Administration.

As another good governance practice, the users can consult the statistical data on the X Parliamentary Term (2013-2016) in this section of the portal.  The graphs contain interesting data on how many news items and events have been generated in Irekia per year, along with the number of resulting posts and comments, the number of Irekia page views, the average length of the visit to the site, etc.

You can also find out information on the number of Government Proposals submitted throughout the Parliamentary Term, and of Citizen Petitions; mandatory measures for the Government’s good governance, as it enables connection and interaction with the general public. And it also helps to foster citizen participation.

Finally, and with the focus on each ministry making up the Government of the X Parliamentary Term, different graphs have been generated to provide accurate information on all the news items, events, citizen requests and government proposals for each ministry.

Anybody who wishes to consult the different graphs mentioned above, will be able to then access that information.