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Meeting between Bernabé Unda and Confederation of Indian Industries

2012 March 23

The last day of the Basque trade mission to India was an opportunity for the delegation lead by the Basque Government Minister for Industry, Bernabé Unda, to meet with representatives of the Confederation of Indian Industries. Xabier Garmendia, the Deputy Minister for Energy; Juan Goicolea, Deputy Minister for Technology; Catalina Chamorro, Internationalisation Director of the Department for Industry; Gregorio Rojo, Chairman of the Álava Chamber of Commerce; Eduardo Mozo de Rosales, General Secretary-Director of the Álava Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Leyre Madariaga, Tecnalia Director of Internationalisation were also present at the meeting.

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    2012 March 23

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    RT @Irekia_News: Topaketa Bernabé Undaren eta Indiako patronalaren artean.

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Politicians attending the event
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