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SPRI signs an agreement with Corporación Mondragón for Basque companies not part of the cooperative to be able to set up at its business park in India

2012 March 20

The Lehendakari presided the signing of this partnership agreement aimed at "facilitating the setting up of Basque companies" on the Indian market.

The Basque Government, through the SPRI and Corporación Mondragón, signed this morning a partnership agreement that will enable companies outside the business group to set up at the latter's business park in Pune (India), specifically, on 40,000 of its 166,000 square metres. The signing of this agreement took place in Pune (India) and was presided by the Basque Premier, Lehendakari Patxi López, who stressed the importance of agreements of this type -similar to the one reached in China last year with the same business group- as "it is going to enable many of our companies, which would otherwise find it difficult to break into the Indian market, to do so and strongly, with the back of one of our best ambassadors abroad". The Basque Government Minister for Industry, Bernabé Unda, and the Corporación Mondragón CEO, José Mari Aldekoa, stressed the importance of multilocalisation for companies in the current world economic downturn. "We have to cooperate even with our competitors," pointed out Aldekoa.

The agreement signed this morning is the "example" of foreign and industrial policy of the Basque Government based on the combined endeavours that the Lehendakari referred to as "Team Basque Country". "Nowadays, the competitor of Basque companies is not in Amorebieta or in Eibar. It is outside, in the world. And that is where they have to go to sell their products. But to do so efficiently, we have to work together, as a team: Team Basque Country, which today is here consolidated even further," he explained.

The ceremony to sign this partnership agreement between the Basque Government, through the SPRI, and Corporación Mondragón, was attended by the head of Confebask, Nuria López de Gereñu, members of the Chambers of Commerce and representatives of nearly one hundred companies who are accompanying the Lehendakari on this trade mission to India.

The Lehendakari reiterated that the Basque Government would support companies that "took the leap" towards internationalisation and this support has resulted in different specific actions in recent years:

• Driving the internationalisation processes of companies. Last year, the SPRI implemented 422 internationalisation projects for Basque companies abroad.

• Training people in social and professional skills, to respond to the challenges of an open economy.

Diversifying the sectoral and geographical destination of Basque exports, in search of new markets.

• And fostering the attraction of foreign activities, in order to increase direct foreign investment, in new business projects in the Basque Country. We have therefore set up Invest in the Basque Country, to bring direct investment from abroad to the Basque Country, attract talent and also to provide specialised assistance for foreign capital companies established in the Basque Country.

This is the second day of the business part of the mission which will continue this afternoon with a meeting between the Lehendakari and the Urban Development Minister and an event at the Cervantes Institute to showcase the Basque cultural arena.

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  • 2012 March 21

    Me parece un proyecto, muy interesante para todos.

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