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The Basque Government’s strategic investment in machining stands at 43.7 million euros

2012 March 7

The Basque Government's investment in R&D&i will increase the Gross Value Added per inhabitant by an estimated 83,307 euros by 2014, 4% up on 2010.

Public investment in R&D will grow by 55% between now and 2015, the GDP by 18% and the Innovation Strategic Fund will increase from 40 million in 2011 to 180 million by 2015

Wednesday marked the start of the leading conference of innovation and technology applied to the machining sector at the Kursaal Conference Centre (Donostia-San Sebastián). The event was opened by Edorta Larrauri, Director of Technology of the Basque Government, who stressed the huge importance of the recently approved Innovation, Technology and Science Plan 2015 to foster the generation of wealth and wellbeing, even during an economic downturn.

The Basque Government has invested 43.7 million euros in R&D programmes in the machining sector. On the one hand, it has backed 15 Business Strategic Research projects in manufacturing to the tune of 24 million euros, which is 18% of the total funding in the ETORGAL programme. And on the other hand, as far as the generation of the Strategic Capacity in the Basque Science and Technology Network was concerned, 9 projects have been backed to the tune of 19.7 million euros, which is 8% of the total form the ETORTEK programme.
This sector is one of the most important in the territory. The Basque Country is the head of the ranking for Spain as production in this sector accounts for 80% of the total for Spain. Machining has a long tradition in the Basque Country and thanks to the extraordinary emphasis on skills and technical training, 75% of its production is for exports. It is one of the most globalised sectors of our industrial structure.

The institutional Technology, Innovation and Science Plan was set up as the driving force for social, business and economic development. It gives special importance to those activities that foster and generate greater value added through applications linked to science, technology and innovation, which include those inherent to the machining sector, to energise and increase employment.
The Director of Technology highlighted the Gross Value Added (GVA) per inhabitant as one of the priority targets of this plan, which will be 83,307 euros in 2015 (it was 72,136 euros per inhabitant in 2010). This value will lead to a hike in the employment rate which will rise to 72%, compared to 68% in 2010, and which will be boosted by the generation of emerging activities linked to Science, Technology and Innovation.

The core areas of the economy of the future envisaged in the Science and Technology Plan are: knowledge generation, showcasing the country's capacities, and also the private-public partnership that optimises the effectiveness of investment in Science and Technology.

The new challenges facing Basque companies, according to the Science and Technology Plan, recommend an evolution of its competitive models based on innovation and the generation of new knowledge, in which the sector is already immersed. Thekeys to trigger growth of the business sector are the operational efficiency - innovation - knowledge triangle. A new competitive economy must be based on the knowledge economy.

High Speed Machining Conference 2012

The 9th High Speed Machining Conference 2012 - Innovation in Machining, organised by IK4 Tekniker, has attracted leading scientists, engineers and industrialist from around the world. The programme begins each day with plenary sessions, followed by work groups and parallel sessions to discuss experiences relating to the different production processes. The general themes are focused on promoting new production disciplines and innovative technologies: Improving productivity, machining and sustainable equipment, high performance machinery, product quality, advance productions materials, etc.

During the two days, Wednesday and Thursday, of High Speed Machining 2012, representatives from different technological institutes and universities, and from leading companies from Mexico, Germany, Czech Republic, Brazil, France and China, will speak. As far as the Basque Country is concerned, companies of the ilk of IK4-Ideco, Tecnalial-Sistemas Industriales, Tekniker and Mondragón University will take part.

Vitoria- Gasteiz, 7 March 2012

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