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Zupiria: “It is evident that a considerable number of instances have been documented in which the Councillors have collectively endeavoured to reach consensus and to prevent the transmission of unnecessary conflicts to society.”

2024 June 18

This morning, the Government Spokesperson, Bingen Zupiria, delivered a customary press conference following the conclusion of the Governing Council of the 12th Legislature. During the meeting, he provided an account of the agreements that were adopted.

On the one hand, on the issue of Security, the fourth modification of the agreement regulating the working conditions of Ertzaintza personnel, which has been in force since 2011, has been approved. This modification involves three important economic and working improvements for the agents, estimated at 6.3 million euros. The newly implemented measures are beneficial to individuals over the age of 55 who retire at the age of 60, as well as to criminal investigation teams. Conversely, the Governing Council has endorsed the External Emergency Plans of H.A. companies. The following companies have implemented measures that are consistent with the internal emergency plans they have developed: Ilarduya SLU, Maier S.COOP, Petronor S.A., Bilbaína de Alquitranes, Guardian Llodio Uno S.L. and General Química SAU. These measures are designed to facilitate an external response to potential accidents that may occur in these facilities.

Conversely, the Council has approved a substantial financial assistance package, proposed by the Department of Economic Development, Sustainability and Environment, with an estimated value of approximately 7.5 million euros. This initiative is specifically designed to support the wine sector in the production of wines protected under the Rioja Controlled Designation of Origin. This is a line of aid which, in Zupiria's words, will be administered in a manner that differs from that of the previous year. Once the application has been submitted by the wineries and the necessary corrections have been made, the Basque Government will determine and publicly announce the grants. Subsequently, wineries will be permitted to distil, if they are aware of the number of eligible distillations.

Furthermore, the decree regulating professional glass eel fishing in the Basque Country and creating the Register of Professional Glass Eel Fishermen has been ratified. This decree’s objective is to guarantee the economically, socially and environmentally sustainable exploitation of the species.

Furthermore, Bingen Zupiria drew attention to several agreements that had been adopted in education. Two of the initiatives are designed to facilitate investment in educational institutions. On the one hand, the sum 10 million euros has been allocated for the construction of a new building for the Haizeder Infant and Primary Education Centre in the Ea’s Natxitua neighbourhood. This new facility will have a surface area of over 2,700 square metres. The proposed work, which is estimated to take 21 months, includes the demolition of the current school facilities except for the covered fronton. Conversely, the green light has been given for the investment of 12.6 million euros for the construction of a new building for the Egape Secondary School in Urnieta, with a surface area of more than 3,700 square metres. The school’s construction, which is scheduled to take 24 months, forms part of the urban development of the pedestrian street Boulevard Babilonia, from which the new school will have an access point.

Furthermore, the Government Spokesperson referenced the approval of a new Decree on the response to diversity within the framework of the inclusive education system for students in non-university schools in the Basque Country. This Decree repeals and updates Decree 118/1998, of 23 June. This new regulation’s objective is to ensure that all pupils achieve the highest level of development of life skills, as set out by the Basque Government. In alignment with this objective, Zupiria confirmed that the recently approved decree is oriented towards training, measures, and accompaniment.

At the suggestion of the Department of Territorial Policy, Housing and Transport, the Governing Council has approved the signing of the third modification of the collaboration agreement for the construction of the new high-speed infrastructure in the Basque Country. The modification excludes the remaining works at Ezkio station and the Astigarraga stop.

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