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President of the Basque Government: "Throughout my entire life, Gernika and the Tree of Gernika have been a constant presence.”

2024 June 17
  • Iñigo Urkullu received a sapling from the Tree of Gernika from the President of the General Assembly of Bizkaia in a ceremony during which he reflected on the "fruits" obtained during his term of office.
  • Furthermore, he asserted that “the individual, the common good, and the Basque Country's internationalisation” have constituted the fundamental tenets of his administration.

"Over the years, we have endeavoured to reinforce the development, autonomy, sovereignty, coexistence and identity of the Basque Country.” In a statement delivered this morning at the Casa de Juntas, the President of the Basque Country, Iñigo Urkullu, reflected on the achievements of his 12-year tenure at the helm of the Basque Government. He was presented with a sapling from the Tree of Gernika by the President of the General Assembly of Bizkaia, Ana Otadui.

The symbolism inherent to the Tree of Gernika constituted the foundation of the President of the Basque Country's address, which he started by reiterating the sentiments he expressed on 15 December 2012 in the General Assembly, following his oath of office beneath the Oak Tree. “It is my objective to reinforce our identity from Gernika to the global community, to disseminate the results of the efforts we have made and the seeds we have planted. I will work with humility and determination for a Basque Country that is economically and socially progressive, in peace and freedom for itself in Europe and the rest of the world.”

He emphasized that these promises have been, “the driving force behind his actions and decisions over the years.” The three main axes that have guided his three terms of office, according to him, are as follows: “The people, the common good, and the Basque Country’s internationalisation”, which has been translated into the Pertsona Helburu, Auzolana and Euskadi Basque Country projects, has been described by Urkullu as a means of facilitating "progress in a Basque Country of progress, peace and freedom".

After expressing gratitude to those present for their contributions, he underscored that "in all these years, Gernika and the Tree of Gernika have consistently been a source of inspiration" and, returning to the sentiments he articulated on the inauguration day as President of the Basque Country, he emphasised that "its seed is bearing fruit with strength. Here and in so many villages around the world.”

Continuing with his statement, Iñigo Urkullu concluded his speech by citing one of the verses of the song Gernikako arbola: "Eman ta zabal zazu munduan frutua.”

The event was also attended by the members of the Bizkaia General Assembly Bureau and the spokespersons of the Assembly groups.

  • Photo Rafa Perez Beristain
    2024 June 18

    Pues más adecuado sería que te hubiesen regalado un Eucalipto, una Sequoia, o una Criptomeria y un plato de las ultimas angulas que tú gobierno ha permitido volver a pescar.
    Tus 11 años de mandato quedarán por mucho tiempo en el paisaje y en las listas de especies extinguidas.

  • Photo Miguel
    2024 June 18

    A mí me hubiera gustado que lehendakaritza y osakidetza hubieran estado con mi familia en el fallecimiento de mis hijos June, Ekain e Ibai. No habéis estado a la altura cuando necesitábamos ayuda. La consejera que ni respondía a los emails, médicos que mienten en los informes, médicos que me ponen denuncias falsas, totalmente decepcionado con este gobierno y con Osakidetza. Gracias a las enfermer@s y auxiliares que cuidasteis de ellos.

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