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President of the Basque Government: “The Basque economy has demonstrated resilience in the face of adversity with growth.”

2024 June 3
  • Iñigo Urkullu has officially opened the 32nd International Machine-Tool Biennial at the BEC, which will run until Friday, 7 June. The event will see more than 1,500 companies in attendance.
  • He highlighted the sector’s ability to adapt to the challenges of the technological-digital and energy-environmental fields and emphasised the Basque Government’s commitment to “supporting the industry’s investment, innovation, training and internationalisation.”

The 32nd International Machine-Tool Biennial was inaugurated by the President of the Basque Government, Iñigo Urkullu, accompanied by the Regional Minister for Economic Development, Sustainability and the Environment and President of the BEC, Arantxa Tapia. As is customary, the event was hosted by the BEC to showcase the sector’s latest developments and advances.

The event will take place until 7 June and will host more than 1,500 companies. At the event’s opening ceremony, Urkullu highlighted that “in the last decade, industry and advanced services have stabilised at 40% of our economy, both in Europe and in the Basque Country.” He also predicted positive results for growth and employment in the coming months, despite the current situation of economic uncertainty on an international level. He stated that the Basque economy has been strong in the face of challenges, citing EUSTAT data indicating that exports of machine tools from the region reached 888 million euros in 2023: “The Basque economy has demonstrated resilience in the face of adversity with growth.” He went on to emphasise: “A record in the historical series.”

The President also mentioned the challenges currently facing the sector. He identified two main challenges: the technological-digital and energy-environmental spheres. He notes that, “this sector is demonstrating a great capacity to respond.”

He mentioned Hannover-Messe, the most important industrial fair globally, where the Basque Country was showcased as a leading machine-tool region in Western Europe.


In the institutional sphere, Iñigo Urkullu stated that the Basque Government's commitment is to “continue supporting the industry’s investment, innovation, training and internationalisation”, as well as its modernisation. The President referenced the Renove Smart Industry programme, which aims to encourage industrial companies to invest in new machinery and advanced equipment to promote Industry 4.0 projects. Urkullu noted that this year’s event has set a new programme record.

Furthermore, the President stated that “it is the responsibility and obligation of the Basque institutions to demonstrate closeness and to continue expanding areas of collaboration.”

Following his address, the President, accompanied by representatives of the institutional and business sectors, proceeded to inspect the various exhibits on display at this year's Machine-Tool Biennial.

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  • Photo Xaver
    2024 June 4

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    2024 June 4

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