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The Lehendakari meets with Frans van Houten, Philips Group CEO

2012 March 2

The company has expressed its special interest in the Basque health reform in terms of chronic illness and the business opportunities it offers

During a 2-day visit to Spain, Frans van Houten, CEO of Royal Philips Electronics, expressly went to Vitoria-Gasteiz where he met with the Lehendakari (Basque Premier) and the Basque Government Ministers for Health and Industry, Rafael Bengoa and Bernabé Unda. The meeting was an opportunity to consider potential private-public partnership areas between the Government and the company, particularly in the health field, where the management of chronic illnesses and the setting up of a relevant model in the Basque Country, Spain and Europe are strategic points of mutual interest.

The Basque Country, as an international and national benchmark in the structured and structural approach to chronic illness, has embarked on a far-reaching reform of its health system to adapt it to the needs of those patients that require more care and who consume most resources. During the meeting, Patxi López pointed out that the Basque Country is today a cutting-edge country in innovation and chronic illness and ageing, and is recognised as such in Spain and around the world. This is the reason that Philips was interested in discovering at first-hand what is being done in the Basque Country in this area.

A good part of the meeting was dedicated to the work that has been carried out in the Basque Country for some time now to consolidate a new relationship between Health and Industry, and a new logic to generate products, jobs, wealth and new markets. The strategy to approach chronic illness requires new products and services that generate activities for international and local companies needs to become more attractive "to get powerful companies such as Philips opt to invest in health in our community," explained the Lehendakari.

The shared Health-Industry strategy in the Basque Country based on the co-development of those products and services to deal with emerging needs in and outside the Basque Country, in the conviction that future and current socio-health and health systems will only be sustainable if cutting-edge technology is put at its service and if state-of-the-art products designed, manufactured and sold worldwide, products with capacity to adapt to local needs, are developed.

Philips has been a ground-breaking company in home health care solutions and technology for over a decade. Thanks to its ongoing commitment to providing innovative household solutions that connect patients to their doctors and which help to control and manage chronic health problems, the company aspires to play a key role in improving the quality of the care at a lower cost for health systems.

Frans van Houten, CEO of Royal Philips Electronics, pointed out that "the encouraging studies conducted so far in different European countries, including Spain, with our remote monitoring technology validate the efficiency and the clinical results of this type of technology and endorse our interest in working with health systems. We firmly believe," he added, "that it will be through private-public partnership that we can contribute to an integral approach to chronic illness, by providing significant innovations that tackle clinical needs, generate efficiencies in the health systems and help to improve the life of patients".

In the European arena, Philips is leading the ACT _ Advancing Care Coordination & TeleHealth Deployment, which seeks to optimise and study those key structural and organisational elements in actual clinical practice and help European regions to efficiently develop and extend Care Coordination and the Implementation of the TeleHealth in standard health care.

Today's meeting was an initial contact between representatives of the Basque Government and Philips senior executives that could lead to specific private-public sector agreements to develop innovative solutions in the socio-health field, particularly to approach the needs of people with chronic illnesses.

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    2012 March 5

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    La compañía ha mostrado interés por la reforma sanitaria vasca sobre cronicidad y las oportunid de negocio que ofrece

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