EJIE has been presented with an international award in recognition of its technological development with the Itzuli translator.

2024 May 9
  • The Basque Government Informatic Society (EJIE) has been acknowledged for its contributions to innovation with the Itzuli neural translator technology by Red Hat, the global leader in open source solutions.
  • Itzuli is an AI-powered platform that enables the translation of texts from Basque into Spanish and vice versa, as well as into other languages such as French and English.
  • Itzuli has received up to 300,000 queries in a single day, and thanks to artificial intelligence, it enables translation, transcription (from voice to text in Basque and Spanish) and synthesis (text to voice in Basque, Spanish, French and English).
  • The Bank of Amazonia, Transpower New Zealand (New Zealand’s national grid operator), and the world leader in technology consulting services, Capgemini, were also recognised with awards for their technology projects. The competition attracted the participation of nearly 300 companies from a diverse range of global locations.

EJIE has been awarded further recognition for its work in public service digitalisation in the Basque Country. This award is in recognition of the company's development of the Itzuli neural translator project. The Basque Government Informatic Society has been selected as one of the four most innovative projects out of a total of 280 submissions to the annual awards organised by Red Hat, the world's leading provider of open source solutions. The company acknowledges and rewards technological achievements from around the world that demonstrate creative thinking, problem-solving determination, and technology’s transformative use.

The Department for Public Governance and Self-Government of the Basque Government has established a partnership with the Department for Culture and Language Policy to promote Itzuli, a successful and quality experience launched in 2019. This partnership is reflected in EJIE’s work. As an illustration of its operationalisation, approximately 300,000 queries are executed daily using this tool, which is based on artificial intelligence and technological advancement. These queries facilitate translations (Basque to Spanish, French and English), transcriptions (from voice to text in Basque and Spanish) and synthesis (from text to voice in Basque, Spanish, French and English). The application offers the possibility of obtaining free translations, particularly in Basque, with a high degree of immediacy. It can be accessed at www.euskadi.eus/itzuli/ The application can be downloaded to an Android or iOS operating system mobile phone or tablet.

The Itzuli project was developed using open-source technology (also known as Kubernetes), which enables it to adapt to changing load requirements in an agile manner.

In addition to EJIE, three other entities and organisations have received awards: the Bank of Amazonia, Transpower New Zealand (national electricity grid operator) and Capgemini (international consultancy for companies to transform their business by harnessing the power of technology).

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    2024 May 9

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    EJIE recibe un premio internacional por su desarrollo tecnológico con el traductor Itzuli https://t.co/V2nTanA5t5