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The Basque Country shares its experience in climate change adaptation at the "EIB Adaptation Days, organised by the European Investment Bank

2024 April 25
  • Adolfo Uriarte, the Basque Government's Natural Heritage and Climate Change Director, has presented the work being implemented in the Basque Country to adopt adaptation measures, and their integration in the planning, funding and deployment processes
  • The Basque Country is analysing the economic impact on the GDP of failing to act as regards adapting to the effects of climate change


The Basque Government is taking part in the "EIB Adaptation Days", organised by the European Investment Bank, to share the Basque Country's extensive experience in climate action and, more specifically, in adaptation. The Basque Government's Natural Heritage and Climate Change Director, Adolfo Uriarte, and Ihobe technicians, the environmental management agency attached to the Basque Government's Ministry of Economic Development, Sustainability and the Environment, are attending the international meeting being held in Luxembourg.

Following the recent passing of Basque Energy Transition and Climate Change Act 1/2024, the Basque Government's delegation is showcasing the legislation that puts adaptation and mitigation actions on an equal footing. During his speech, Adolfo Uriarte went over the work conducted on climate change policies, both regarding climate mitigation and adaptation, and stressed the importance of focusing on both aspects due to their great interactions.

Ihobe has recently put out to tender two projects to analyse the cost of failing to act to adapt to the effects of climate change. As part of the Klimatek series, the R&D, Innovation and Demonstration project to adapt to climate change in the Basque Country seeks to analyse the economy impact by considering the costs and benefits of adapting the territory. This economic assessment, along with the setting up of transformative adaptation projects, will help climate adaptation – together with the associated private and public investment – to be informed, proportionate, effective and efficient.

The Basque Country has a proven track record since it is approved its first Environmental Framework Programme in 2002, which introduced climate action as one of the greatest challenges for the first time.  The Natural Heritage and Climate Change Director stressed the need to implement adaptation measures to avoid both the risks for the population and infrastructures, and the consequences that climate change may have on the Gross Domestic Product. Accordingly, tourism is expected to be of the sectors worst hit economically given the foreseeable loss of beach surface area, as – should adaptation measures not be implemented – that area could shrink by 18% by 2050 and by 40-60% by 2100.

The Basque Country has vital regionalised climate information for decision making. One such example is the climate change vulnerability and risk assessment for the Basque coast. The Basque delegation described the process to restore and improve the connectivity of the natural areas around Txingudi Bay, and the project to protect urban zones and dunes in Zarautz, as examples of the adaptation measures rolled out in the Basque Country.


EIB Adaptation Days

The EIB Adaptation Days are envisioned as an initiative to foster the sharing of knowledge and the latest approaches in the climate adaptation practice of the European Investment Bank. The European Investment Bank (EIB), jointly owned by the EU countries, seeks to boost Europe's potential in terms of jobs and growth, support action to mitigate climate change, and promote EU policies outside the European Union.

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    2024 April 30

    Elkartasun-funtsa handitzea, ahal dela hondamendien aurrean, eta bizitza osoan ondasunak ordaintzeko ahaleginik ez egitea, klimatologiak eragindako gertaera batean hondatuta gera daitezen, eta horrek ondorioak ekartzen ditu. Batez ere, muturreko fenomeno posible batean garetera joateko eraginkortasunean inbertitu bazen.

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    2024 April 30

    Incrementar el fondo de solidaridad a poder ser frente a desastres, no estar toda la vida con esfuerzo para pagar propiedades acaben devastadas en un episodio derivado de la climatología y las consecuencias traen con ello. Sobre todo si se invirtió en eficiencia para irse todo al garete en un fenómeno extremo posible .

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