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Minister Mrs Nerea Melgosa: “The evidence points to a widespread and significant increase in cancer survival in the Basque Country”

2024 April 24
  • Inauguration of the new headquarters of the Araba Cancer Association in the Zabalgana neighbourhood of Vitoria-Gasteiz

VG 2024 04 24

The Minister of Equality, Justice and Social Policies of the Basque Government, Mrs Nerea Melgosa, has sent a message of optimism to people and families experiencing cases of cancer, highlighting that “the main conclusion of scientific studies based on evidence points to an increase widespread and significant cancer survival in the Basque Country; greater in women than in men and, in both cases, it is a very appreciable improvement.”

This afternoon Mrs Nerea Melgosa attended the presentation of the new headquarters of the Araba Cancer Association located in the Zabalgana neighbourhood of Vitoria-Gasteiz. Together with Miren Bilbao, Gorka Oribe, Blanca Palacios, Pablo Larrabide, María Ángeles García, Zuriñe Ortiz de Latierro, Patricia García and other institutional representatives, she has toured the new offices of the association.

“Those of you who make up the Cancer Association are a group that everyone knows and recognizes. Thus, I thank your Araba Board for the work you do from here. Ramón Reyes, as state president of the Cancer Association, you should know that we are very proud of the great work you do,” said Melgosa.

The Minister has highlighted the work of the people who “voluntarily dedicate their time to this Association and to the group of cancer patients and their environment. It is a silent work that, sometimes, goes unnoticed. “Social care, accompaniment and psychological support is in your DNA.”

“When you hear the word “cancer” at home as a possible diagnosis for the first time, it produces fear or a kind of fear of the unknown. With a firm diagnosis, what begins is a healing process that often requires social attention beyond health care,” added Melgosa.

The basque Minister of Social Policies has made reference to the possibility that the sick person is alone or that his or her family requires “psychological care: this is where from the local, the closest – your association – you work to accompany them, care for them and support them.”

“Cancer, in general, today has high cure rates, often becoming a chronic disease thanks to advances in early diagnosis, personalized therapies and much-needed research. All of this has been achieved with the magnificent intervention of health services and their professionals and with the involvement of our society, especially thanks to the push of associations like yours, which address research, prevention and support actions."

  • Photo Xaver
    2024 April 25

    Kontrol farmakologiko gehiago egongo lirateke, eta ingurumen-osasun txarraren ondorioz, aldez aurretik tumoreak garatzeko aukera egongo litzateke, kasuari aurrea hartuta.

  • Photo Xaver
    2024 April 25

    Estaría bien más controles farmacológicos, que debido a una mala salud ambiental asome de algún modo por anticipado la posibilidad de desarrollar tumores actuando con preventiva al caso.

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Politicians attending the event
(XII term 2020 - 2024)
  • Nerea Melgosa Vega
    Minister for Equality, Justice and Social Policies (XII term)
Other guests
  • Miren Bilbao, Ramón Reyes, Gorka Orive, Blanca Palacios, Pablo Larrabide, Ángeles García, Zuriñe Ortiz de Latierro, Patricia García, Augusto Borderas, Isabel Pérez, Patxi Ormazabal