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MUBIL Mobility Expo opens today at Ficoba: the future of the sustainable mobility industry

2024 April 17

Arantxa Tapia on Go Mobility:

“A new edition of Go Mobility is upon us.

We’re pleased because this event has achieved the success it expects and deserves. During our visit we’ll see how this is an industry on the cutting edge. An industry that cares for the future and that responds to the three great transformations we’re experiencing globally and locally.

The Basque Country is not an island, and we work to respond to the challenges of the energy and climate transformation, the digital and technological transformation and the social transformation.

If we analyse these three transformations from an industrial development perspective, we see how the Basque Country has led from the front line.

Energy-climate transition

Under the Energy Transition and Climate Change Act recently approved in the Basque Country, we assume the commitment to a net-zero emission Basque Country by 2050. Because mobility is one of the activities responsible for a high concentration of GHG emissions, the functioning new industry we’ll see at Ficoba over the coming days will be key.

The use of clean energy, electrification of transport systems and the infrastructure to support the vehicle fleet are all part of our agenda. An agenda that's already underway and that we see as an opportunity for industrial development and the creation of employment.

Digitalization and Technology

Digitalization and new technologies are levers for transformation in the mobility of the future. For  their contribution to decarbonization and to modernization, as well as to infrastructure safety. For example, the Basque cybersecurity industry is delivering disruptive solutions to respond to new problems. Threats that we were unaware of not so long ago. Today, the industry protects cars and passengers.

And what can we say about autonomous driving of vehicles and trains? Or connected driving systems that use vehicles to “talk to each other”? It may sound like science fiction, but these systems are already a reality, and the Basque industry knows how to respond.

Proyectos Euskadi
Fortunately, the industrial agenda is connected to the digital and technological agenda. Companies and centres work together, hand in hand. And so do institutions. We have public-private partnerships of enormous potential thanks to the joint efforts made to advance in these crucial areas.

As well as the MUBIL centre, which organizes this mobility event, I would like to highlight some shared initiatives across institutions, companies and technological centres. Cutting-edge initiatives like:

  • The BasqueCCAM-lab association, which promotes an R&D and innovation ecosystem to drive technologies and solutions for Connected Mobility, Cooperativa y Autónoma (CCAM) in the Basque Country, with a local and international impact.
  • There is also the Basquevolt initiative in Araba. A European leader in the next generation of solid-state lithium batteries with technology that’s one hundred percent made in Euskadi.
  • BAMP: the research centre focusing specifically on automotion, which we have driven from the Basque government together with Mercedes, Gestamp and Grupo Mondragon.
  • And let’s not forget multi-million investment of Mercedes in the Basque Country for their new plant dedicated exclusively to the production of electric vans.
  • And speaking of collective mobility, we must mention Irizar and CAF. Great examples of commitment to innovation.

To finish

It’s an industry with lots of potential. An industry that's a leader in offering innovative solutions and committed to the environment, social development and job creation.

The automotive accessories industry alone has 300 companies; turnover of more than 20 billion euros and employs over 120,000 people globally, of whom 40,000 are in the Basque Country. If we add to that the two biggest employers (Mercedes and CAF), we can see what the mobility industry really means.

We’re talking about an industry that has a positive impact on citizens, society, the environment, employment, the economy and our quality of life.

That’s why I reaffirm our commitment to the fair, and to the business fabric present.”

* More information in attached statement.

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