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Basque Government approves the new Basque Air Quality Plan to reduce pollutant emissions and improve people's health

2024 March 19
  • HABE has launched today the new digital platform INGURA for the Basque language learning of adults; a digital environment to learn and teach Basque in a more comfortable and flexible way and from any device 

Bingen Zupiria, spokesperson for the Basque Government and Minister for Culture and Language Policy, held a press conference as usual following the Governing Council meeting.


The Governing Council today approved the new Basque Country Air Quality Plan 2030 with the aim of improving people's health. As Zupiria explained, the Plan aims to reduce the effects of atmospheric pollution on health and reduce emissions of pollutants in the sectors with the greatest impact on air quality, such as transport, industry and residential areas. It has five strategic axes: air pollution and health; sustainable mobility and urban regeneration; pollution reduction in other key sectors; improved control, monitoring and evaluation of air quality; and training, awareness-raising and public awareness, for which a set of 28 actions have been defined. "This Plan will allow us to continue to make progress in aligning the Basque Country's objectives with those of the European Green Pact, and the budget the government has set aside for carrying out the measures proposed is 45 million euros," added the spokesman.


The Government Spokesperson pointed out that HABE has launched the digital learning platform INGURA for adult Basque language learning. This new platform replaces the BOGA self-learning system used until now. INGURA is going to offer a modern tutored model that responds to the current learning needs; a digital environment to learn Basque online, created to learn Basque in a comfortable and flexible way from any device, at any time and anywhere.

INGURA allows you to work in four languages: Basque, Spanish, French and English, and will offer courses from A1 to C1 level. The courses have been designed along the methodological lines of the Basic Curriculum for the Basque Language Teaching of Adults, from a communicative and action-oriented approach. Therefore, students will work in INGURA courses on comprehension skills, interaction activities and intermediation strategies in order to progressively achieve communicative competence in Basque, both in groups and individually. This year INGURA will offer an A1 level course which is made up of 60 units, all of which are designed to be taken online both individually and in groups. From today, the open section of the A1 course is available and you only need to register on the platform to do some of the activities of the first 30 units of the course, as this section is free and open. A total of 40 teaching hours are already available on the website www.inguraonline.eus "The aim of the open section is to encourage users, by presenting a pleasant and simple resource for learning Basque, to approach the Basque language and take steps towards becoming learners of Basque, attracting them to guided, participative, shared and social learning of Basque through the euskaltegis", explained Zupiria.

In autumn, the full A1 course will be offered, and students must enrol in an euskaltegi or self-access centre to take it. "In this course, in addition to having a wide range of activities, the virtual classroom will be guided by a teacher who will carry out group activities, both revision and evaluation; in addition, it will be possible to store the work done and manage reports, among other activities," said the spokesperson. “Next academic year, as stated in the 2024 budget, a new line of subsidies will be launched to offer A1 level courses for adults at a more affordable price; the aim of this legislature has been to promote free enrolment and INGURA ratifies this commitment," said Zupiria.


As is customary, Bingen Zupiria, the spokesperson, reported on other issues that were discussed and approved by the Governing Council.

Firstly, he pointed out that the Basque Government has today given the green light to the grants to be awarded in 2024 through the General Secretariat for External Action to Basque Centres, Federations and Confederations of Basque Centres and Euskal Etxeak outside the Basque Autonomous Community. The allocation amounts to a sum of almost one million euros to support annual programmes or specific activities carried out by the Euskal Etxeak, as well as current and operating expenses. The call approved today is open to the 196 euskal etxeak and federations across a total of 25 countries around the world.

Meanwhile, last week the launch of the public agency Euskalmet approved , and on this occasion the Governing Council gave the go-ahead to the composition of the Board of Directors, which will be presided by Vicelehendakari and Regional Minister of Security Josu Erkoreka, and the Director of Euskalmet will remain José Antonio Aranda, who will be appointed at the founding meeting of the agency next Monday.

The Governing Council also gave the green light to the Decree approving the Statutes of the Basque Cybersecurity Agency, a new regulation that establishes the legal and operational bases of the body and defines its objectives, functions and structure to tackle, in a comprehensive and cross-cutting manner, the threats arising from the use of the Internet and new technologies in the Basque Country. Cyberzaintza, in coordination with the Ertzaintza, will assume responsibility for public cybersecurity in the Basque Country, pursuing cybercrime and protecting the country's critical and sensitive infrastructure.

At the same time, the Government has agreed to authorise the contracting of the service for school transport routes to public schools dependent on the Department of Education in the three historical territories. This school transport service will be aimed at pupils in Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary Education enrolled in public schools. The sum of the 416 routes brings this service to almost 21 million euros. “The complementary school transport service guarantees universal access to education; pupils whose school is located at a distance of 2 kilometres or more from their home are entitled to free school transport provided by the Department of Education, in the case of pupils in Early Childhood Education, Primary Education and the junior cycle of Compulsory Secondary Education a distance of 4 kilometres or more; and in the case of pupils in the senior cycle of Compulsory Secondary Education and students with permanent reduced mobility this minimum distance is 500 metres" explained Zupiria. "There are currently 584 school transport routes in the Basque Country managed by the Department of Education, transporting almost 21,000 pupils from 257 schools in the public network every day", he added.

Finally, the spokesman announced a new appointment. The Government has agreed to appoint Antonio Damborenea Basterrechea as a non-judicial member of the Electoral Board of the Basque Autonomous Country, appointed by the Bureau of the Permanent Council of the Basque Parliament.

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    2024 March 24

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    el gobierno vasco ha puesto en marcha la plataforma de aprendizaje digital INGURA para el aprendizaje del euskera en adultos,que sustituye al sistema de autoaprendizaje BOGA utilizado hasta ahora.

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    2024 March 21

    Airearen kalitate txarragatik osasunari eragin diezaioketen kalteen erantzule izan daitezke agente kutsatzaileak, eta, gainera, hirigunean oso aireztatuta ez dauden zonak egon daitezke, non kutsatzaile gehiago pilatuko liratekeen eta neurri hobeak hartu beharko liratekeen, hala nola aparkatzea debekatzea, beste leku batzuetatik inportatutako kutsadura kontuan hartu gabe.

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    2024 March 21

    Pudiendo hacer corresponsables a los agentes contaminates de las posibles afecciones a la salud personas por una mala calidad del aire, además puede haber zonas en lo urbano poco ventiladas donde se dieran más acumulaciones de contaminantes y se debieran tomar mejores medidas como pueda ser prohibir aparcar, sin contar además con la contaminación importada de otros lugares.

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    2024 March 20

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    RT @Troposfera: El Gobierno Vasco aprueba el nuevo Plan de Calidad del Aire de Euskadi
    📄 https://t.co/FSTmK9pkjq
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    2024 March 20

    Comentario de Twitter:
    El Gobierno Vasco aprueba el nuevo Plan de Calidad del Aire de Euskadi
    📄 https://t.co/FSTmK9pkjq
    🗞️ https://t.co/tmrZUHEOW9 https://t.co/NOb24BE1eH

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