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eLankidetza will allocate over 10 million euros to calls for proposals aimed at addressing humanitarian crises.

2024 March 14
  • The proposals will prioritise initiatives in Africa, a continent facing multiple humanitarian crises.
  • Some crises have become chronic or have been forgotten financially and by the media.

The eLankidetza-Basque Agency for Cooperation and Solidarity, which is part of the Department for Equality, Justice and Social Policies, has announced the opening of the annual calls for applications for grants for humanitarian action projects and strategies for 2024. The grants aim to address humanitarian crises caused by inequalities and conflicts that result in food insecurity, water scarcity, violence, or forced displacement worldwide.

This year, eLankidetza will allocate 5.6 million euros to finance one-year projects. Humanitarian NGOs can submit projects starting from tomorrow, Friday 15 March. The maximum amount that can be requested is 200,000 euros, and the funds will be available throughout 2024 or until they are exhausted.

On the other hand, eLankidetza will allocate 4.8 million euros to support humanitarian strategies. These strategies will not only accompany the affected population and communities but also strengthen local humanitarian organisations and create initiatives to raise awareness among residents of the Basque Country. Each intervention will have a minimum budget of 500,000 euros and a maximum budget of 800,000 euros. At least three initiatives will be implemented in Africa. The deadline for submitting applications is one month, unlike the projects.

Humanitarian Appeals and Emergencies

This year, eLankidetza will donate 250,000 euros to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) emergency appeal in Gaza. This money is used to support the mental and psychosocial health of schoolchildren living in the region.  In 2023, eLankidetza provided UNRWA with 617,549 euros to aid the Palestinian refugee population.

In 2024, eLankidetza will contribute 250,000 euros directly to the United Nations Central Emergency Respond Fund (CERF). This global fund responds to humanitarian emergencies caused by conflict or natural disasters in countries in the South, among others, within 48 hours.

The Agency for Cooperation and Solidarity will continue to support Action Against Hunger with 150,000 euros to protect food security using a triple nexus approach - humanitarian action, development, and peace. Furthermore, 200,000 euros will be allocated to the Sahrawi Red Crescent to provide energy access to the Sahrawi refugee population in the camps.

Crises Attended in 2023

In 2023, eLankidetza supported 22 projects and strategies carried out by Basque and local entities in conflicts that are often overlooked by the media and lack financial support, with a funding of almost 8.75 million euros.

The projects are focused on the Middle East, Central America, Colombia, Ethiopia, the Sahel, and the African Great Lakes.  Several initiatives have been implemented to provide medical and psychosocial care for women, children, and adolescents in the Gaza Strip, as well as to protect the human rights of the Palestinian population in the West Bank. Additionally, support was provided to enhance economic opportunities for communities impacted by chronic conflict, such as in the Philippines. Furthermore, efforts were made to safeguard girls and migrant women who are survivors of gender-based violence in Mexico, Guatemala, and Colombia.

For instance, grants were used to offer high-quality healthcare services to female refugees who were victims of violence in Kenya, as well as to Sudanese refugees and locals in Chad. Similarly, eLankidetza helped safeguard women who are victims of sexual and gender-based violence in Tigray and to provide food for the Sahrawi refugee population in Algeria, particularly for children and young adults.

Simultaneously, support was provided to humanitarian organisations operating in Uganda, Palestine, Lebanon and Tanzania. These organisations also conducted awareness-raising initiatives in the Basque Country.  

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    2024 March 14

    Comentario de Twitter:
    🆘eLankidetzak 10 M€tik gora bideratzen ditu krisi humanitarioetara zuzendutako deialdietara

    🌍Afrikan, krisi ugari biltzen dituen kontinentean, egindako ekimenak lehenetsiko dituzte


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    2024 March 14

    Comentario de Twitter:
    🆘#eLankidetza destina más de 10 M€ a convocatorias dirigidas a crisis humanitarias
    🌍Priorizarán iniciativas realizadas en #Africa, continente que aglutina múltiples crisis

    #solidaridad #lankidetza #Afrika

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