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Basque Government approves the new regulation on the use and types of weapons and other technical material of Local Police Forces

2024 March 5
  • The aim is to offer a certain degree of homogeneity among the local police forces of Euskadi to improve the coordination and efficiency of police actions.
  • Governing Council also approves Instructions Manual for persons serving at polling stations on 21 April next, with instruction and frequently asked questions on the functions and tasks to be carried out on election day.

The Basque Government spokesperson and Minister for Culture and Language Policy, Bingen Zupiria, appeared at the usual press conference after the Governing Council together with the First Vice Lehendakari and Minister for Labour and Employment, Josu Erkoreka.


For his part, Erkoreka explained the motions approved by the Governing Council today in relation to his department. He first referenced the Decree on the regulation of weapons and other technical and defence material and provisions to the Local Police Forces of the Autonomous Community of Euskadi approved today. According to Erkoreka, in development of the Basque Police Law, this new piece of legislation regulating the use of, and types of, weapons and other technical operating and defence material to be used by local police forces in Euskadi. “The aim is to offer a certain degree of homogeneity among the local police forces of Euskadi to improve the coordination and efficiency of police actions.” The new regulation defines the minimum framework for the provision of police vehicles, technical material and basic security equipment to be carried by local police officers; the typology of this equipment; both weapons and technical material, the rules for the conservation, custody and registration and security measures; the basic criteria for their use and the procedure to remove or deny the a service weapon from agents. The new regulation also establishes that local authorities must ensure all material is adapted to use by both women and men in equal conditions of opportunity. Similarly, the new degree provides for mayors to decide what services local police should provide unarmed and to do that, each mayor must submit a report to their Local Police Headquarters.


The Governing Council also approved today the Instructions Manual for Persons Serving at Polling Stations  on 21 April next. The manual offers instructions and answers some frequently asked question on the functions and tasks of persons serving at polling stations on election day. The guide will be posted to the homes of persons chosen in the draws held by local authorities. With the aim of including persons with different intellectual disabilities, the document has adopted to make it easy to read. To accompany these two manuals, a 5-minute information video was produced, summarising the main instruction for persons chosen to serve at Euskadi’s polling stations on 21 April next.


As is customary, the spokesperson reported on other subjects covered and approved at the Governing Council meeting.

Zupiria read the declaration approved to mark International Women's Day on 8 March. The spokesperson said that 8 March, International Women’s Day, is a day for activism because, despite the progress made, structural inequality between women and men persists all over the world. In this context, the Basque Government is firmly committed to continue working to achieve real and effective equality. “We're at an historic point in time key for equality between women and men, with anti-equality discourse on the rise. Faced with these groups who deny the reality of gender-based violence and inequality, we promote, through Emakunde, Berdinaldia, the Country Pact for Equality and for a society free of violence against women. And we do so looking to the future, for the youngest members of our society, because we need to accelerate progress on women’s rights to make the next generation the generation of equality. This 8 March, we also want to highlight the valuable contribution of so many older women to equality and the empowerment of younger women. We want to show them our appreciation for, and our pride in, their commitment and their legacy. We also encourage all citizens to publicly express their commitment every day and especially on 8 March, International Women’s Day,” concluded Zupiria.

The Basque Government also used today's meeting to approved the EREIN 2024 programme, allocating over €11 million to the development of the rural environment in Euskadi and especially to support investments in basic services like infrastructure, equipment and planning projects in rural areas. Recipients of the programme’s supports include municipal authorities, concejos and any local authorities and the funds are for basic infrastructure for water, gas and electricity supply, promoting the use of renewable energies; accessibility projects; public lighting; tourism; provision of day centre services; residences for the elderly; haurreskolas and early childhood education; pharmacies and leisure, culture and sport. The programme is also aimed at social events organisation to support events and activities that promote the rural and coastal environment.

Finally, the Governing Council also gave the green light to the temporary leasing, free of charge, to Durango Town Council, of 9,329m2 of space  within the municipality by the Department of Transport, through the public entity Euskal Trenbide Sarea (ETS), freed up by moving the railway line underground. The Sectoral Territorial Plan of the Red Ferroviaria de Euskadi is considering potential public interest uses for the surface public land after the undergrounding of the railway, with a direct positive impact on the municipalities of Abadiño and Durango. Today, the Government has authorised the temporary leasing of the land through an agreement between ETS and Durango Town Council for the conditioning of the space, currently unused, for the urban development of the old railway line.

  • Photo SN Robot
    2024 March 5
  • Photo SN Robot
    2024 March 5

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