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The Basque Country presents its STEAM Education Strategy in Europe

2024 February 29
  • The Department for Education presents the features of the STEAM Strategy Euskadi, as invited by the European STEM Network.

This afternoon, Amaia Esquisabel, the Director of Research at the Department for Education, represented the Basque Government at the 'STEM for the Future of Europe' event in Brussels. The Basque Country, a member of the European STEM Coalition, is developing its own strategy to increase scientific and technological vocations among students. This initiative was presented to European institutional representatives, including the President of Flanders, Jan Jambon, and the Director of the EU STEM Coalition, Beatrice Boots.

STEAM education integrates Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics with the Arts and Humanities. This 'A' implies an integrated learning process of Science and Arts and Humanities, fostering cooperation, creativity, group work, and innovation in students.

The Basque strategy prioritises promoting vocations among female students from an early age. The data presented during the speech on the Basque STEAM strategy indicates that currently, 3,918 new university students have entered the STEM field, which accounts for 30% of all university students. Nineteen percent of female university students study STEM subjects. In terms of Vocational Education and Training and STEM studies, only 16% of the students are women.

During the panel on the Basque strategy, the Director of Research of the Basque Government's Department for Education presented the STEAM Sare programme. It is a network of secondary schools and socio-economic agents, such as companies, universities, and technology centres, that collaborate to provide young people with a realistic understanding of STEM subjects and professions. The programme involves 165 Basque schools. Thanks to the programme, and with the collaboration of 66 entities, 22,000 children can experience the daily reality of professionals in the scientific and technological fields. Over 170 professionals collaborate in this programme.

Technology for the future

The Basque Country aligns with European policies. In February, a publication was approved stating that “technology is increasingly integrated into our society. Technological advances are essential for achieving sustainable prosperity, enhancing well-being, and improving competitiveness.” STEM skills are essential for students to enhance their opportunities in both society and the labour market. It is important that individuals can acquire and develop these skills.

The EU STEM Coalition comprises 49 regions and entities, including the Basque Government and Innobasque. This group aims to enhance STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education in Europe. The aim is to develop STEM education policies and practices that promote economic growth, opportunity, and well-being.

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