Nearly 200 Basque companies have chosen circular eco-innovation as an opportunity to enhance their competitiveness.

2024 February 19

Ihobe, the Basque Government's Public Company for Environmental Management, has launched a  new website called 'Eco-Innovation in the Basque Country' . The website lists the 179 projects developed by Basque companies participating in the Basque Government's Circular Eco-Innovation Programme between 2016 and 2023. The new Ihobe website is a unique portal that focuses on eco-design, circular economy demonstration, and strategic eco-innovation. This information is also compiled in two technical publications by Ihobe, which include files for each project.

The eco-innovative projects anticipate the environmental challenges promoted by the European Union and provide solutions that serve as a model for Basque industry. The primary challenges and motivating factors include the cost and availability of raw materials, optimal production techniques, pollution reduction, eco-design of equipment, greenhouse gas reduction, waste minimisation, environmental positioning and transparency, green public procurement, and extended producer responsibility. Thanks to Ihobe's support for companies, many projects have become more viable by using solutions available on the market.

The initial release of eco-innovative projects was presented at the Basque Circular Summit, a congress on the circular economy held in November 2022 in Irun, Gipuzkoa. It included a total of 105 completed projects. Following this, Ihobe has released a new version in both print and digital formats, which compiles 74 additional files containing the results of recently completed projects. This second event coincides with the launch of the Circular. All the projects described in both volumes can be reviewed.

The website is dynamic and will gradually integrate solutions from over 30 ongoing projects. The website enables the categorisation of solutions by sector, company, and motivating factors. However, there are plans to develop an advanced search system to facilitate easier filtering of results.

A website that collates successful results

Although 24% of the new circular solutions developed or demonstrated in the projects are already operational or being marketed, 'Eco-Innovation in the Basque Country' has incorporated the results of all completed and validated projects by the companies themselves. The publication is a compilation that graphically display each project’s environmental, technical, economic, commercial, or market viability. The purpose is to identify any barriers or needs that may influence future R&D&I.

The 74 new projects have been implemented across various industrial sectors, including food, construction, energy, mobility, health, industry, and tourism. Each project sheet, promoted by Basque companies, outlines the main motivating factors resulting from the implementation of new Circular Economy regulations. These regulations modify the rules of the market, creating new opportunities and risks for companies.

This publication presents the Programme’s results, which prioritises eco-innovation and the circular economy in line with the Basque Circular Economy Strategy. In recent years, business projects have been promoted with approximately 7 million euros of public funding.

Specifically, for every public euro invested, an additional 21 euros of annual turnover has been mobilised in the private market. Based on the successful projects, the companies expect to generate an additional annual turnover of 130 million euros, establish 22 new lines of business, create almost 200 new jobs, save 228,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases per year, and prevent the emission of more than 300,000 tonnes of waste annually in the coming years.

Specific examples of all the projects developed thus far can be found in both the print publications and on the new website on Eco-Innovation in the Basque Country. All the information has been digitalised and published on the website. It will also include the results of over 30 ongoing projects. The aim of this programme, deployed by Ihobe on behalf of the Basque Government, is to create industrial solutions that align with the European Union's new circular policies. This will stimulate companies in this field and enhance their competitiveness. The programme is part of the Euskadi 2030 Science and Technology Plan (PCTI 2030) and is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) until 2021.

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    .@Ihobe_Eus revela el impacto de la ecoinnovación: por cada euro público invertido, ¡21 euros de facturación adicional en el mercado! Descubre los 179 proyectos que están forjando una Euskadi más sostenible y competitivo 🚀♻️ https://t.co/DXx8hbdfNp 📣@irekia #EuskadiAvanza https://t.co/7Lch1k8ifn

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