On 15, 16 and 17 April, the Basque Country will be the world epicentre of the cultural and creative industries.

2024 February 16


  • The 2024 Creativity World Forum, the trailblazing event of the international Districts of Creativity (DC) Network, in collaboration with the Basque Government, will attract agents, institutions and companies from all over the world related to the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs).
  • Registration to participate is now open and can be done by visiting the website: eus
  • This year’s theme: "Cultural and Creative Ecosystems: Models of Governance and Innovation". The objective is to learn about different models and the latest innovations in the sector, as well as to create new work opportunities and relationships between sector agents.

On 15, 16 and 17 April, the Basque Country will host the Creativity World Forum (CWF24) of the international Districts of Creativity (DC) Network. The event is promoted by the Basque Government. Over these three days, hundreds of people from various parts of the world will travel to Bilbao, Vitoria-Gasteiz and Donostia-San Sebastián to discuss creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. Registration is open to anyone who wants to exchange ideas, learn and appreciate the contribution of the cultural and creative industries to a more just and equal society.

Held every two years, CWF24 is a signature event of the Districts of Creativity (DC) Network. The previous CWF event took place in 2022 in Germany’s Baden-Württemberg State. On this occasion, the Basque Country will bring together key figures from the cultural and creative industries sector, government, business and education. They will discuss creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.

A hallmark of the Creativity World Forum is its aim to share and develop practices that stimulate interdisciplinary creativity in society to promote innovation and prosperity. However, this year's event - the CWF24 to be held in the Basque Country - aims to go one step further and generate new working methods, relationships or business projects between the different agents that will gather in the three Basque capitals, projecting the Basque Country as a region of collaboration. To achieve this, the official programme will highlight the role played by the regions and will build on the pioneering policies for Cultural and Creative Industries developed in the Basque Country in recent years, as well as implementing the Basque Smart Specialisation Strategy (RIS3). The CWF24 theme is "Cultural and Creative Ecosystems: Models of Governance and Innovation.”

Four Thematic Areas

Four Thematic Areas (TAs) have been selected to achieve the CWF24’s objectives. Each of them is coordinated by a Basque organisation with extensive experience in the subject and its derivatives, as well as in coordinating projects. Key agents in each of these areas, led by a Basque organisation, have been working in the months leading up to the event to identify the main challenges in the area, as well as examples of good practice. With the participation of representatives of selected success stories, all thematic areas will play an important role in the Forum. This approach by the TAs, as well as the previous working process, are two of the main innovations of this year’s event, giving its programme a solid, diverse and participatory identity. The TAs of the CWF24 are:

  1. Governance and Cultural and Creative Industries
  2. Innovation with and within Cultural and Creative Industry sectors
  3. Cultural and Creative Industry Companies and Markets
  4. Education and Research in Cultural and Creative Industries


Supported by the Districts of Creativity Network, an international student exchange programme (DC Living Lab) is planned. This is a regular programme at the CWF. It gives students the opportunity to work as part of an intercultural team to tackle real challenges in the cultural and creative industries. The difference in this year's event, taking place in the Basque Country, is that it can be followed both online and in person. It will be carried out by KSIgune, the Basque Higher Education Knowledge Hub for Cultural and Creative Industries, and Travelling U/TAZEBAEZ, an educational cooperative that develops international learning experiences based on three key pillars: collaborative learning, people-centred design and entrepreneurship.

Open Sign-up

Registration is now open to participate in the Creativity World Forum. Those interested in exchanging ideas, learning, and appreciating the contributions of the Cultural and Creative Industries can do so through the CWF2024.EUS website. Participants can select the focus area that best aligns with their interests. These areas will be organised concurrently in the three Basque capitals. Registration is free and non-obligatory for all three days. On the first and third day, CWF24 will be partially streamed.


CWF24 is scheduled to take place in the Basque Country’s three capitals from Monday 15 to Wednesday 17 April 2024.

  • The congress will commence on 15 April in Bilbao with an official welcome, opening, and presentation of the four Thematic Areas of CWF24 and the DC Living Lab. The first day's programme at Euskalduna Bilbao concludes with an inspiring speech and an artistic performance. In the afternoon, attendees can choose from several tours that offer experiential visits to learn about Bilbao's outstanding cultural and creative industries. The following routes will be available: Zorrozaurre Island, Bilbao Centre, and Old Bilbao.
  • On the second day, 16 April, participants will focus specific themes and travel to one of the Basque capitals depending on their chosen SPA. There, they will work in groups to create synergies, particularly around the challenges and projects selected as best practices in each area.
  • On the final day, 17 April, there will be a joint session where the results of the work will be presented and compared by Thematic Areas, and potential collaborations will be discussed. This day will include a discussion between two globally recognised Basque figures in the audiovisual and gastronomy industries. The conference will conclude after this discussion.

This event is expected to be a milestone in terms of increasing the visibility of the Basque cultural and creative industries. It will help to consolidate their position at international level and develop their innovative potential by creating synergies with key players from all over the world.

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  • Photo malou
    2024 February 16

    ¿Podrían decirme Gobierno Vasco y red internacional Districts of Creativity (DC) Network por qué en el formulario de inscripción preguntan por los "pronombres" de las personas participantes en este evento del Foro Mundial de la Creatividad?
    Parece que ahora las personas seríamos reducidas a ser: él, ella, no binario u otro (a especificar).
    Este tipo de preguntas son una importación de ideologías de moda anglosajonas, asumidas y copiadas por nuestras administraciones sin ningún tipo de reflexión crítica, y que ya están siendo objeto de rechazo a nivel internacional por contribuir, de nuevo, a la invisibilización de la participación de las mujeres en actividades sociales, culturales o científicas y por reducir a hombres y mujeres a pronombres gramaticales o a sentimientos o por generar problemas de todo tipo en relaciones y situaciones sociales.
    Además, señalo que al no aparecer la variable sexo en los formularios, con las categorías hombre y mujer, se trataría de un nuevo incumplimiento de lo indicado en la Ley para la Igualdad de Mujeres y Hombres vasca, que indica en su Artículo 16, sobre “Adecuación de las estadísticas y estudios, punto a) Incluir sistemáticamente la variable de sexo en las estadísticas, encuestas y recogida de datos que lleven a cabo” y en la estatal Ley Orgánica 3/2007, de 22 de marzo, para la Igualdad de Mujeres y Hombres en su “Artículo 20. Adecuación de las estadísticas y estudios, apartado a) Incluir sistemáticamente la variable de sexo en las estadísticas, encuestas y recogida de datos que lleven a cabo”.
    ¿Qué clase de estadística con validez legal o validez para realizar estudios (EUSTAT o INE) o para investigaciones científicas o para comparar datos a nivel internacional, puede generar la recogida de esta variable "pronombre"? ¿Llevarán las personas participantes los pronombres escritos bajo su nombre de pila en las tarjetas de identificación personal como tendencia de moda "innovadora", también copiada?

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