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Press conference following the Governing Council

2024 February 13

Following the Governing Council, Bingen Zupiria, the spokesperson for the Basque Government and Minister for Culture and Linguistic Policy, held a press conference alongside Olatz Garamendi, the Minister for Public and Self Governance, and Nerea Melgosa, the Minister for Equality, Justice and Social Policies.

Garamendi explained that this morning, the Governing Council approved a 0.5% increase in the salaries of public employees in the Basque Autonomous Community for the year 2023. As she explained, the current salary increase will be paid retroactively from 1 January 2023. It will start with next March's salary and will be applied to all public employees. "This is about improving the quality of public employment,” she emphasised. Additionally, she noted that the job consolidation processes are in their final phase.  “We are approaching the allocation of over 1,600 places.” In this context, she stated that the government does not understand a new strike call in the public administration. 

Nerea Melgosa presented the 2030 Strategy for Gender-Based Equalities in the Basque Country. Melgosa explained that this is a roadmap for Basque public authorities that enables the effective application of equality rights between genders in society. “Within this framework, each organisation will be autonomous and flexible in implementing their equalities plan according to their competences, priorities and circumstances.”

On 14 February, the collaboration agreement between Gogora and the Martxoak 3 Elkartea association will be signed, as announced by the Regional Minister for Equality, Justice and Social Policies. As she explained, the agreement involves a grant of 35,000 euros to conduct research, inventory, documentation, and dissemination work required for the creation of the Memorial 3 de Marzo-Martxoak 3 Memoriagunea.

She shared details of the new Basque Strategy against Serious Residential Exclusion. The strategy aims to prevent evictions and reinforce measures to exercise property rights. She outlined the measures and key projects that comprise the Strategy.


As is customary, Bingen Zupiria, the spokesperson, reported on other issues that were discussed and approved by the Governing Council.

The government spokesperson announced today that a collaboration agreement has been authorised between the Basque Government and the provincial councils of Bizkaia, Gipuzkoa, and Araba. The agreement will jointly finance the leasing of a helicopter for firefighting. This agreement addresses the increasing impact of climate change in the Basque Country, which has led to a rise in the frequency of extreme weather events. Some of these events, such as high and sustained temperatures, increase the risk of forest fires.

The Government has authorised Lanbide to allocate three million euros this year to finance the HEZIBI programme. The programme aims to improve the professional skills of young people while they carry out remunerated work in a company.

The Governing Council has approved a new decree for the Basque EPSVs with the aim of consolidating this unique and innovative complementary pension model in Spain. The spokesperson highlighted that the decree includes innovative features, such as new EPSV-eligible assets and reduced maximum administration fees.

However, the Government has approved an agreement with Ermua and Mundaka town councils for the construction of public housing developments that will be available for rent. The aim is to make it easier for people to access housing.


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    2024 February 13

    Cuando Garamendi dice que la oferta de los puestos trabajo reservados a personal funcionario de habilitación nacional para administraciones locales para plazas de Secretaria, Intervención y Tesorería se van a convocar en la CAV para tener una cualificación lingüística adecuada, y que está competencia es cuestionada, a que se refiere, que se van a realizar los mejores somos exámenes ( mismo nivel) pero en euskera? O solo se trata de cualificar a los secretarios ilegales actuales con una categoria de la que carecen?
    Me gustaría una respuesta aclaratoria.

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    2024 February 13

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