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The Basque Government opens a new business internationalisation office in Canada

2024 January 31
  • The Basque Minister for Economic Development, Sustainability and the Environment, Arantxa Tapia, has opened in Montreal the 21st SPRI-BasqueTrade&Investment Office; it joins the foreign network to support the internationalisation of Basque industry
  • Canada is one of the priority countries in the Basque Government's strategy for 2021-2024, as it is among the ten of greatest interest globally and is a market with export potential for the Basque Country

The Basque Government's Minister for Economic Development, Sustainability and the Environment, along with the Deputy Minister for Industry, Mikel Amundarain, and the Director of Basque Trade & Investment (BTI), Ainhoa Ondarzabal, have opened in Montreal a new office of the foreign network to support the internationalisation of Basque industry.

The Canadian office is the 21st of this global network. The network – through its delegations and consultants in over 90 countries – offers an à la carte service to drive exports and the internationalisation of the business, by championing activities aimed at positioning the company on strategic markets, facilitating technical assistance for production and commercial setups, and providing support for projects financed by multilateral agencies. This year should see 22 offices up and running, after the opening of the one in Australia.

Tapia stressed the importance of the model driven by the Basque Government that caters to companies by combining the sectoral expertise of our offices in the Basque Country and the geographical knowledge of the offices abroad; the result is greater specialisation and proximity, and services that meet the companies' specific needs, regardless of their sector.

Canada, priority for Basque industry

Canada is one of the priority countries in the Basque Government's internationalisation strategy for 2021-2024. It is considered a consolidated economy, with a complex but highly attractive market and access to customers that are internationally very active – particularly in specific sectors and technologies – and with a low presence of Basque companies.

A recent BTI assessment – which quantified several risk and opportunity indicators – placed Canada among the 10 countries of greatest interest worldwide. Furthermore, recent studies show that the Basque Country is currently exporting under its potential to that market; while it seems that since the signing of the treating with the EU, Canadian companies are taking greater advantage of the lower barriers between both markets.

In order to strengthen the presence of Basque companies already established on and exporting to the Canadian market, an office has been set up in the North-American country and which was opened today by Minister Arantxa Tapia during a meeting with the Basque business community.

The office is in Montreal, in the province of Quebec, with which the Basque Government has signed a partnership MoU focused on areas such as combatting climate change, increasing trade between both regions, the blue economy, and linguistic policy and cultural exchanges.

Business and Institutional Agenda along with Basquevolt managers

The trip of the Basque delegation, led by Arantxa Tapia, is thus centred around the opening of the BTI office, with the aim of informing the Basque companies established in the country and the local institutions of that permanent presence. Meetings are also scheduled to strengthen the commercial and institutional relationships between both regions.

The Basque delegation today held a meeting with Hydro-Quebec representatives and visited the R&D Centre in Varenne.

Hydro-Québec is a leading supplier of electricity that prioritises the use of renewable energies. Its sole shareholder is the Quebec government; its Center of Excellence in Transportation Electrification and Energy Storage - CEETSE) is an expert in technologies for solid-state batteries. Basquevolt representatives also took part in the meeting alongside the Basque Government, given their common interest in solid-state lithium batteries; it was an opportunity to internationally position the initiative located in the Álava technology park.

The Basque Country's groundbreaking trip in Canada is an opportunity for the Basque Government to hold different high-level institutional meetings with officials from the Canadian Ministry of Innovation, Science and Economic Development, as well as with a broad cross-section of representatives of different ministries of the Quebec Government in the fields of industry, energy, climate change and the environment.


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Politicians attending the event
Other guests
  • David Cormier, director de la oficina SPRI-BTI Canada