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The creation of the largest European ecotourism corridor to promote nature tourism kicks off in the Basque Country with a technical workshop

2023 December 1
  • The project involves an investment of €938,000 financed by the 'Experiencias Turismo España' program, included in the Next Generation EU funds.
  • This tourism collaboration project will be promoted by the four Cantabrian communities and will run until November 2024.

December 1, 2023 - A conference was held today in Vitoria-Gasteiz, aimed preferably at tourism companies, local entities, tourism agents and managers of the Protected Natural Spaces of the Basque Country, involved in the ambitious project "Ecotourism Corridor of Green Spain". The main objectives of this initiative are to launch a consolidated network of actors committed to sustainable development in the field of ecotourism and to generate projects and resources to be incorporated into this initiative. Through training and certification in ecotourism and sustainability for tourism companies, it will seek to establish high standards that contribute to the preservation of the natural environment and the promotion of responsible tourism practices.

The "Green Spain Ecotourism Corridor" project, which received the support of the Spanish government last spring, has begun to take its first steps this month. The communities of Green Spain have already received the €938,000 to finance the initiative.

The four communities promoting this project - Basque Country, Cantabria, Asturias and Galicia, integrated in the "Green Spain" brand - have designed an action plan that will make it possible to establish a network of collaborating agents in the territory, provide training to tourism companies, as well as design and create experiences and products based on green and sustainable models. The main beneficiaries of this initiative will be 120 companies located in protected natural areas (wildlife observation, active tourism, lodging, agencies and others), 20 natural areas and 8 incoming agencies specializing in nature and international markets. These will receive individualized training plans and sustainability audits. These actions are accompanied by promotional activities and support for the marketing of products associated with ecotourism.

The objective of this project is the creation and promotion of ecotourism experiences adapted to different segments of the demand, through a great eco-touring route called the Green Spain ecotourism corridor that allows tourists to enjoy the different ecotourism experiences through the route that connects them.

The eco-touring route itself serves to link the protected natural areas where the participating tourism companies will configure the experiences offered as tangible and marketable experiences covered by the ecotourism corridor as a communication and connection argument, promoted by the Tourism Agencies of the 4 Autonomous Communities that are part of Green Spain.

The corridor itself is the first great ecotourism route in Spain and aims to serve as an inspiring argument for medium and long distance tours visiting several Autonomous Communities on a journey of knowledge, exploration and enjoyment of the main "green and blue infrastructures" of Green Spain: protected areas.

The conclusion of this project in November 2024, will allow the structuring of a great ecotourism route that will extend along the entire Cantabrian coast. This will be the largest ecotourism corridor in Europe and has the participation of the Ecotourism Association of Spain, which will be responsible for the program of animation, training and certification in sustainability.

Basque Country's previous experience

Basque Country comes to this initiative with a previous groundwork that is materialized in its solid Ecotourism network, which has developed six annual forums and various actions that have significantly strengthened the position of the territory as a benchmark in sustainable tourism.

Basque Country's Ecotourism Network not only stands as an annual meeting platform, but as a permanent working team committed to the promotion and strengthening of ecotourism. Its focus is on the implementation of lines of work that enhance the ecotourism activity, taking advantage of the synergies generated by the close and continuous collaboration among its members.

Basque Country's Ecotourism Network is positioned as a fundamental pillar in the sustainable development strategy of the territory, consolidating it as a leading ecotourism destination. This achievement not only reflects the commitment of the various actors involved, but also the long-term vision of Euskadi to preserve and promote its natural wealth through responsible tourism practices.

Green Spain

Green Spain is the territorial brand launched in 1989 by Galicia, the Principality of Asturias, Cantabria and Euskadi, with the support of Turespaña, whose objective is to position the Cantabrian coast as an alternative tourist destination in the international market, reinforcing its brand image and promoting itself as a unique destination. Green Spain is a national leader in nature with 14 UNESCO Biosphere Reserves, 25 natural parks, almost 2,000 kilometers of coastline and more than 2,800 rural accommodations.


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