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The President recognizes CTP's commitment to sustainability and the fight against climate change

2023 November 27

Political representatives of the territories of the Working Community of the Pyrenees have been meeting in Busturia to ratify their commitment to cross-border cooperation through the Joint Declaration of Chairmen and Chairwomen 

  • The Basque Country has passed the baton of the Presidency of the CTP to the Occitania Region for the next two years
  • Iñigo Urkullu reminded people that some border crossings are still closed and stressed that “there is no Single Market without cohesion”

The representatives of the seven territories (Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Occitania, Catalonia, Aragon, Navarre, the Basque Country and the Principality of Andorra) that make up the Working Community of the Pyrenees (CTP) held their 41st Plenary Council meeting in Busturia, during which the Basque Country handed over the presidency of this cross-border body to the Occitania Region, which will hold it for the next two years.

In his speech to the Plenary, the President thanked the other governments and public institutions of the territories of the CTP for the support received in these two years of Basque presidency and also highlighted the participation of social and economic agents, “who with their collaborative projects have contributed to consolidate the Pyrenees as an area of encounter, progress and welfare,” he said.

He recalled that 40 years ago the Working Community of the Pyrenees was constituted and in this framework he wanted to recognise the commitment to sustainability and the fight against climate change “that all governments that are part of this Community share”.

Among the most important initiatives, Iñigo Urkullu welcomed the reopening of some border crossings but recalled that some are still closed - especially in the Pyrenees - which goes against the basic legislation of the European Union and the spirit of the Schengen Treaty, “it harms cross-border citizenship and undermines territorial cohesion”.

In this regard, he expressed his confidence that the Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation signed this year between the Kingdom of Spain and the Republic of France will be implemented, and in this framework he called for the participation of the CTP in the Cross-Border Cooperation Strategy and in the Border Cooperation Committee, as requested by the presidents of the Spanish Government and the French Republic.

Statement and round tables

During the afternoon, the Plenary held two round tables on the contribution of the CTP to the climate transition. The first one was dedicated to Climate Action and the role of the CTP in the coordination of climate adaptation policies in the transborder Pyrenean area.

In the second - “The promotion of renewable hydrogen in the Pyrenees. The power of cross-border cooperation”. It has been found that there are sufficient synergies in these neighbouring territories to imagine a large European H2 valley, encompassing the entire H2 value chain. With this vision in mind, the Presidents of these territories have signed the “Commitment for the promotion of renewable hydrogen” with the aim, among others things, of creating a cross-border space for the deployment of the hydrogen economy and strengthening the positioning of the CTP at the European level.

Subsequently, they signed the Joint Declaration of Presidents in which they reaffirm their commitment to the Working Community of the Pyrenees, and the President proceeded to the transfer of the presidency of the CTP to the President of the Occitania Region, Carole Delga, with whom, prior to the Plenary, he visited the Meeting House of Guernica.

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