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The Minister Javier Hurtado demands a public policy that transforms the commercial sector in accordance with the environmental, socio-demographic and digital transitions

2023 November 14

The Minister for Tourism, Trade and Consumer Affairs, Javier Hurtado, took part in the opening of the 17th edition of the Urban Commerce Congress, a fully consolidated forum that was born with the aim of turning Vitoria-Gasteiz into a benchmark area in commercial revitalisation policies and in the exchange of experiences around modernisation and innovation in urban trade.

The Minister recalled that it is no coincidence that this edition faces one of the great challenges of commerce such as digitalisation and its existence in a world in which artificial intelligence is taking off and the needs of customers vary significantly from one type to another.

“We find what we have called a mosaic society, in which 5 generations live together with different digital skills and approaches to local commerce. As well as a population that is clearly ageing, and receiving the migrant population is important. This population diversity generates new values and a hyper-segmentation of commercial demand,” he explained.

“We are aware that these are complex times for the commercial sector, but from this we must draw positive lessons, because they are also the moments of opportunities and the necessary transformation. In this scenario, the Department of Tourism, Trade and Consumer Affairs has made a great investment effort, with more than 431 million invested during this legislature, 270 million for extraordinary and Next Generation funds for the trade, tourism and hospitality sectors,” the Minister said in his analysis.

In addition, the Minister sent the message that we must continue with our commitment to the transformation of trade “with the Merkataritza 2030 Trade Strategy , to achieve innovative, digital, competitive and sustainable trade. And also with initiatives, from the city council of Vitoria-Gasteiz, such as the interactive map of shops in the city , which is very important from the point of view of municipal management.”

It is therefore important to highlight the leadership required from public policies of the administration. “The Basque trade policy must facilitate commercial activity in a way that creates opportunities and economic well-being, but its interest must focus on the benefits of citizens, workers and commercial companies. And that is what we are promoting with the 2030 Trade Strategy. A public policy capable of helping to transform the sector in accordance with the environmental, socio-demographic and digital transitions and aligned with the European framework.”

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