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Statements by the President in view of the latest events

2023 November 8
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We are witnessing an anti-democratic social drift worldwide. In Spain too.

The events of the last few days are unacceptable, very serious and worrying.

These events were provoked by groups of fascist ideology and promoted by political and social sectors that claim to defend democracy.

We roundly condemn them.

Violence has no place in democracy, never. Democracy is too fragile to be played with. These attacks are unacceptable in a state governed by the rule of law.

Those who for years have nurtured these confrontational attitudes are complicit in what is happening. They are co-responsible and irresponsible.

The condemnation of violence must be clear and categorical, without half-measures, without excuses or justifications.

Faced with this situation, there are only two options:

- nurturing populism, manipulation, violence and an authoritarian system; or

- defending representative democracy, respect for plurality and institutions.

Society is way beyond what we are seeing. We call on you to call off the wave of protests that are serving as an excuse to continue generating hatred, resentment and violence.

We must preserve the Basque Country from this climate of tension and confrontation. We will always promote a peaceful coexistence among different people, respect for institutions and representative democracy.

This mission must be shared. It challenges us all, without exception: political parties, institutions representing society and the rule of law, as well as social agents and the media.

Politics must always be exercised from the point of view of commitment and responsibility to the society to which we owe it. Let us continue to build a culture of respect, dialogue and coexistence in the Basque Country. A country in which we all have a place.


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