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Lide Amilibia highlights the role of innovation and institutional collaboration in the first Silver Economy forum in the Basque Country

2023 November 8

This morning, the Basque Government's Deputy Minister for Social Policies, Lide Amilibia, together with Edier Mendoza, deputy general of Gipúzkoa, and Eneko Goia, mayor of San Sebastian, inaugurated the first international Silver Economy forum in the Basque Country, organised by the Adinberri Foundation. For two days, the Kursaal Congress Palace in San Sebastian will host the event focused on promoting innovation and social sustainability for older people.

During her speech, Amilibia stressed “the importance of a comprehensive approach to address the needs of an ageing population with dignity and vitality”, recalling that "the Basque Strategy for the Elderly, which the Department of Equality, Justice and Social Policies is carrying out, focuses on five strategic axes to achieve that comprehensive care: active citizenship; transitions and life project; autonomy and fragility; care and attention; and research and innovation".
The Deputy Minister stressed the importance of the last axis, research and innovation, as it “represents the basis on which an economy that adapts to the needs of older people is being developed”.

The Deputy Minister also stressed that "the Adinberri Foundation stands out as a key alliance, working together with the Government in the search and development of innovative solutions that improve the quality of life in society."

Lide Amilibia has underlined the fundamental role of institutional collaboration, exemplified in the agreement signed with the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa and the Adinberri Foundation, endowed with 3 million euros, as part of the Berpiztu programme. “This agreement aims to strengthen a more robust and future-proof system of care for the elderly, including the First Public Purchase of Technological Innovation, an initiative that places the Basque Country at the forefront of the proactive and preventive approach to the care of the elderly,” said the Deputy Minister.

Likewise, she recalled the strategic opportunity to reinvent the labour market represented by the Silver Economy, explaining that “this emerging economy opens doors to job creation and economic activation, while improving efficiency in social services, creating new professions and developing products and services adjusted to the aspirations and needs of a valuable generation.”

Amilibia has highlighted the role of innovation hubs such as Adinberri, Nagusi Intelligence Centre and Health Intelligence Centre as “incubators of ideas and projects that serve as a catalyst for an economy that cares and respects”.

The Deputy Minister ended her speech by highlighting the event organised by the Adinberri Foundation. In her words, “a step towards a future where age is synonymous with the accumulation of experiences and opportunities, a future where the wisdom of the years will be recognized and valued with new possibilities and horizons.”

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