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The President advocates continuing to consolidate the Basque Country as an “attractive territory for research, innovation and talent”

2023 November 8
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  • Iñigo Urkullu closed the Global Innovation Day, the Basque innovation event, focused this year on artificial intelligence and environmental sustainability
  • “A decade ago we set ourselves a challenge — to achieve convergence with Europe in innovation. Today we have met that challenge,” he said

The President has again reiterated the commitment to making the Basque Country an “attractive territory” for research, innovation and talent. Iñigo Urkullu was in charge of closing a new edition of Global Innovation Day, the great event of Basque innovation organised by Innobasque, which on this occasion has focused on analysing the role of artificial intelligence and environmental sustainability in transforming companies. The event was also attended by the Minister for Economic Development, Sustainability and the Environment, Arantxa Tapia, and the Commissioner for Science, Technology and Innovation, Cristina Uriarte.

The meeting was held in Landako Gunea de Durango and brought together the main agents of the Basque innovation ecosystem — companies, technology and research centres, knowledge centres and civil society.

This year's event has served as a learning experience about six outstanding cases of innovation of leading companies in the Basque Country in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, Ecodesign, Internet of Things and Big Data. These are examples — according to the President — showing that all companies, “no matter the sector or size”, can innovate and benefit from the application of new technologies.

“We are moving forward on the right path,” he said. As examples he referred to the European Innovation Panel, EIS 2023, made public by Eustat, which cements the Basque Country in the group of strong Innovators together with countries such as Germany, Austria and France, and to the qualification that the Basque Country has received from the European Commission as a hub of regional excellence.

“A decade ago we set ourselves a challenge — to achieve convergence with Europe in innovation. Today we have surpassed it. Investment in the Basque Country is 2.32% of Gross Domestic Product and the European average is 2.27%,” he said.

The President concluded his speech by congratulating all the institutions and companies that are “embarking on the path to innovation” and Innobasque for demonstrating their leadership on this journey.

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