Basque Government to organise the Lanean Languages congress in Bilbao in 2024

2023 November 3
  • The purpose of the congress is to address the challenges related to language management in the work environment, and will involve both local and international benchmark stakeholders.
  • Two days, two venues: January 18 at the Euskalduna Palace and January 19 at the Guggenheim Museum.
  • The congress will be open to all society, and the registration period is already open.

The Basque Government’s Department of Culture and Language Policy and the Department of Economic Development, Sustainability and Environment will organize the Lanean Languages | Challenges of language management in economic activity in 2024. This two-day event will be held in Bilbao, on January 18 at the Palacio Euskalduna Bilbao and on January 19 at the Guggenheim Museum. The key objectives of the congress are to highlight the importance of language management in the work environment and to disseminate best practices in advanced language management in the socio-economic field. It is a look to the future, to a globalised socio-economic sector, in which language management is necessary to offer a quality service and compete in the market.

Globalisation, diversity and internationalisation are, among others things, some of the realities that companies are experiencing today and that increase the complexity of language management in economic activity. New opportunities are also arising from language technologies and artificial intelligence. The Lanean Languages congress aims to provide a platform for exchanging experiences, sharing knowledge and discussion. As for the use of language, the congress will prioritise Basque and will enable the possibility of following the congress in Spanish, English and French.


In this first edition, the speakers will be representatives of public and private entities. It will bring together delegations of local and international entities in the capital of Bizkaia, including experts in the field of culture. The congress will also feature debates on issues affecting the public and private sectors and sectoral round tables.

The congress will begin on Thursday, January 18 with presentations by representatives of leading international organisations and companies. Among others, the event will be attended by heads of education, industry, finance, public administration. In the afternoon, there will be representatives from different sectors and various topics of conversation: the importance of language management in the quality of services, the public company as a driver of private companies, language technologies, the opportunities and challenges posed by the internationalisation of companies, resources and tools to advance...

On the following day cultural agents will have the floor. Among other artists, we will be able to listen to the experiences and reflections of Pello Reparaz, Itziar Ituño and Estibaliz Urresola. The list of participants will be completed in the coming weeks.

This congress is sponsored by Eudel, UEMA, the City Council of Bilbao, the City Council of San Sebastian, the City Council of Vitoria-Gasteiz, the Provincial Council of Alava, the Provincial Council of Bizkaia, the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa and the Government of Navarre.

Registration open

The Lanean Languages conference will be an activity open to the general public, to which all entrepreneurs, employees, clients and/or suppliers who wish to share their concerns and knowledge about the use of the language in the workplace are invited. Registration is open and can be accessed through the congress website.

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    2023 November 7

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    📰 Eusko Jaurlaritzak Languages Lanean kongresua antolatuko du Bilbon 2024an.

    🗓️ Urtarrilaren 18an Euskalduna Jauregian eta 19an Guggenheim Museoan.

    @Irekia @LanguagesEJGV

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    2023 November 7

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    📰 El Gobierno Vasco organizará el congreso Languages Lanean en Bilbao en 2024.

    🗓️ El 18 de enero en el Palacio Euskalduna y el 19 de enero en el Museo Guggenheim.

    @Irekia @LanguagesEJGV

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