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The President highlights the Basque Country's capacity to react and overcome “in the midst of adversity”

2023 October 30
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  • Iñigo Urkullu participates in the laying of the first stone of SENER's new corporate building in the Zamudio Technology Park


The President highlighted the “great capacity for reaction and overcoming” that the Basque Country and society as a whole has shown “in the midst of adversity”. “Today the Basque economy is growing, we are investing and exporting more, net employment is being generated,” said Iñigo Urkullu at the laying of the foundation stone of what will be the new corporate headquarters of the aerospace company SENER, located in the Zamudio Technology Park.

With its managers and authorities in attendance, the President thanked SENER for its commitment to this new investment and assured that the public institutions accompany and support the entrepreneurial attitude of Basque companies “starting with the smallest, all the way up to the largest”.

He explained that he is aware that it is not possible to guarantee the sustainability of public services without the contribution of all private initiative and indicated that Basque institutions try to help and contribute “especially in the dark and uncertain times that, unfortunately, we have had to live through on too many occasions in recent years,” he added.

Thus, he referred to the succession of crises that the Basque Country has faced since 2008, with large-scale social, economic and emotional consequences that are “very difficult to manage and overcome,” and the negative impact that all of them have left on companies and family budgets.

In view of this situation, Iñigo Urkullu defended the new Budget Bill 2024 approved by the Basque Government last week, which focusses on the development model: People, Prosperity, Planet and Self-Government and has advocated to continue betting on this model that “has proven to be effective in the face of adversity”.

“It is precisely now when we must believe in our possibilities the most. When we must make a great collective effort to grow as a country. And that’s what we are doing. I congratulate Basque society for all of this," he concluded.

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