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Minister Javier Hurtado highlights the leadership of the Basque Country in gastronomic tourism and the commitment of the institutions to strengthen it

2023 October 5

The Minister for Tourism, Trade and Consumer Affairs, Javier Hurtado, participated in the opening of the 8th edition of the World Forum on Gastronomic Tourism organised by the World Tourism Organization and the Basque Culinary Centre. After picking up the baton in Nara, Japan, in December 2022, the Forum returns to the Basque Country, to San Sebastian, which is the regular venue every 2 years.

The Minister recalled that today the gastronomy of the Basque Country is internationally recognised and has become the primary motivation of those visiting us. “Precisely for this reason, institutions must continue to support and boost this recognition of our quality gastronomy, a quality that in the Basque Country is found both in a menu of the day, in a pintxos bar, and in our Michelin-starred restaurants. Hence, the commitment to gastronomic tourism is one of the priorities of the Department of Tourism, Trade and Consumer Affairs”.

As the Minister explained, there have been several reasons for this positioning as gastronomic leaders. The vision of pioneering chefs; the characteristics of the Basque gastronomic traditionthe social implications of eating and drinking in the Basque Country; the great professionals and training schools we have. And finally, institutions' firm commitment to gastronomy as an engine of emerging tourism.

“In this vision of tourism and gastronomy from the point of view of sustainability, the pioneering Basque Tourism Code of Ethics plays a very important role, endorsed by the UNWTO and which already has more than 620 member companies. Within the framework of this Code, we have proclaimed a charter of values of Euskadi Gastronomika. Euskadi Gastronomika was born as a project to create and develop a club of gastronomic tourism products of the Basque Country. Now we have taken a step forward to continue promoting those values that make up the set of qualities that must be present in the DNA of the companies and professionals that are part of Euskadi Gastronomika. Because we are committed to the professionalisation and modernisation of the sector so that gastronomy in the Basque Country continues to be a reference point and one of the great motivations of our visitors,” concluded the Minister.

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