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The President: “Thanks to science we live LONGER. Thanks to science, we live BETTER”

2023 October 2
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  • This afternoon, Iñigo Urkullu inaugurated the Passion for Knowledge science outreach festival, which is currently bringing together eight Nobel Prize winners in Donostia

The President inaugurated the Passion for Knowledge 2023 science outreach festival in an event held this afternoon in Donostia, where he was accompanied by the Minister Jokin Bildarratz. In front of an audience that included eight Nobel Prize winners, Iñigo Urkullu assured that thanks to science “we live longer and better”, and defended the role of the scientific community “in avoiding populist messages”.

He pointed out that scientific knowledge and that of the public advance at different rates, and for this reason he advocated continuing to work so that this distance is increasingly reduced and to make a “sustained effort” to bring science “closer to our neighbours”. “It is critical that we understand its importance. From the youngest to the oldest,” he said.

At this point, he defended “the essential role” that the dissemination of information plays in “avoiding populist messages without any scientific basis”.

After describing the Passion for Knowledge initiative as “wonderful because well-known scientists explain complex issues in a simple way”, the Lehendakari reiterated the commitment of Basque institutions to science.  “We must be your travelling companions. Our commitment is to continue to make all the resources at our disposal available to science, assuming that they are limited,” he said to the large scientific representation attending and participating in the festival at the moment.

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