Garamendi will travel to Chile to share experiences on transparency, self-government and decentralization with local authorities there

2023 September 25
  • The official trip of the Minister for Public Governance and Self-Government is part of the Basque Government's internationalisation agenda

The Basque Government's Minister of Public Governance and Self-Government, Olatz Garamendi, will travel to Chile next weekend on an official visit within the framework of the Basque Government's internationalisation agenda. She aims to intensify relations between the Basque Country and the South American country and promote the Basque Country.

Garamendi will be accompanied by the Deputy Minister of Legal Regime, Sabino Torre, and the Cabinet Director, Ugaitz Zabala, and during the first week of October they will take part in an extensive agenda of activities and meetings with local authorities and institutional representatives.

The Basque representation will learn first-hand about the experiences and policies promoted in terms of governance and transparency at the different levels of Chilean institutions, as well as in the field of territorial decentralisation and transfer of powers to regional and local governments, at a time when Chile is embarking on a process of decentralisation.

The Minister of the Basque Government will share with the Chilean authorities the basic foundations of Basque self-government, the State decentralisation model, the pillars of the Basque institutional architecture and the public policies developed by the Basque Government, as well as the process of transfer of pending powers. In this regard, Garamendi will hold meetings with representatives of the Chilean Government, senators, and regional governors. She will also visit the Euzko Etxea in Santiago where she will have the opportunity to spend time with the Basque community in Chile and will hold a meeting with representatives of the Euskal Etxeak (Basque houses) of the country.

Chile, a country with which the Basque Government maintains an intense relationship at the institutional, economic-commercial and academic levels, in which the Basque diaspora has a strong presence, is identified as a priority country in the Euskadi Basque Country 2025 Internationalisation Framework Strategy. For this reason, the visit aims to underpin existing relations and strengthen ties between the two countries. The shared interest in maintaining areas of stable collaboration between some Chilean institutions and this Department of Public Governance and Self-Government has materialised in recent years in a visit to the Basque Country by a Chilean representation, as well as telematic work meetings on different matters.

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  • Photo Carolina
    2023 October 3

    ¡Hola a todos! Estuve el día de ayer 02 de octubre, participando del seminario que se realizó acá en Santiago de Chile, en el auditorio de la Tesorería General de la República, donde presentó Olatz Garamendi y Sabino Torres, excelente experiencia, y maravilloso que existan estas instancias donde se pueden retroalimentar ambos países y sacar lo mejor de ambos, en busca de mejorar la gobernanza y transparencia. Grato también fue ver nuevamente la bandera de País Vasco, me trajo muy buenos recuerdos, de mi instancia vivida, en la que estuve realizando mi pasantía hace unos años atrás en dicho país. Bueno si nada más que decir, les dejo un grato saludo desde este hermoso y lejano país que es Chile.

    Carolina Cárcamo

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