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Basque Government Minister Bernabé Unda visits the Alstom factory at Galindo

2012 January 20

The plant is a benchmark for research and development projects in renewable energies.

The Basque Government Minister for Industry, Innovation, Trade and Tourism, Bernabé Unda, visited the Alstom plant in Galindo (Bizkaia) this morning. The visit was part of the policy to support R&D centres in the Basque Country.

Accompanied by the Basque Government's Deputy Ministers for Industry and Energy, Xabier Garmendia, and for Innovation and Techology, Juan Goicolea, the Minister stressed the importance of investing in innovation to consolidate and drive Basque industry, particularly those comapnies with a long and successful tradition in the Basque Country. Alstom has had a plant in Galindo since the 1930s.

With a clear focus on exporting (80% of the production is sold to other markets), the Alstom plant in Bizkaia is also a benchmark in renewable energy research and development projects.

Apart from manufacturing hydraulic energy generators and motors, the plant at Galindo also works on hydraulic project management and engineering studies. In this field, the multinational Alstom leads the world market, accounting for 25% of the installed capacity. It also has a specific renewable energy research department, where, in collaboration with other international and national centres, work is carried out to develop new energy generating technologies.

In Spain, Alstom has nearly 4,000 employees between its 21 work centres. All sectors are industrially and commercially represented: Energy (wind, hydraulic and thermal), Rail transport (rolling stock, maintenance, signalling and infrastructure) and Grid (network engineering solutions, mobile sub-stations, high voltage, automation).

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Vitoria-Gasteiz, 20 January 2012

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    2012 January 24

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    RT @Irekia_News: Basque Government Minister Bernabé Unda visits the Alstom factory at Galindo .

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    Somos importantes!! El pasado viernes día 20, el consejero Bernabe Unda visita la fabrica de Alstom en Galindo

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