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The Minister Javier Hurtado highlights the leadership of the Basque Country in Gastronomic Tourism by presenting the 8th World Forum on Gastronomic Tourism

2023 September 12

The Minister Javier Hurtado presented the 8th World Forum on Gastronomic Tourism, which will be held in San Sebastián on 5, 6 and 7 October, at the headquarters of the World Tourism Organization in Madrid. He was accompanied by the president of UNWTO, Zurab Pololikashvili, Joxe Mari Aizega, general director of the Basque Culinary Centre, Félix De Paz García, deputy general director of Tourism Cooperation and Competitiveness of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism and Azahara Domínguez, deputy of Mobility, Tourism and Planning of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa. The Minister highlighted the importance of the Basque Country as a leader in gastronomic tourism and its contribution to its international position.

The Minister stressed that the Basque Country is a permanent venue and that every two years it hosts an event as prestigious as the World Forum on Gastronomic Tourism due to its deep-rooted gastronomic tradition and culture. Basque gastronomy is a hallmark and a key event for social cohesion, as well as being a source of inspiration in various fields.

Gastronomy in the Basque Country is internationally recognised and has become the main motivation for visitors. Gastronomic tourism has become a priority for the Department of Tourism, Trade and Consumer Affairs, and is a fundamental pillar of the 2030 Strategic Plan for Tourism and Trade.

The Minister, Javier Hurtado, shared with the guests at the event that gastronomy is a key tourist attraction driver since it combines attributes such as modernity, authenticity, culture and character, strengthening the competitive position of the Basque Country in international tourism.

The gastronomic leadership of the Basque Country is due to the vision of pioneering chefs, the rich Basque gastronomic tradition, the social importance of gastronomy in the region, high quality educational institutions such as the Basque Culinary Centre, and the decisive support of its institutions for gastronomic tourism.

The Minister stressed the need to strengthen the Basque Country's gastronomic leadership, combining tradition with the avant-garde, supporting local producers and promoting innovation in the sector.

Sustainability is a crucial aspect, in this sense, and the Basque Country has adopted the Code of Ethics for Tourism, supported by the UNWTO, to promote responsible practices in tourism. In addition, the Department of Tourism recently presented the Charter of Values of its “Euskadi Gastronomika” Product Club, which seeks to professionalise and modernise the gastronomic sector.


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