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Third day of travel to Lesbos: Zaporeak collaborated with other NGOs specialised in caring for the most vulnerable groups, such as women and minors

2023 September 1

The Minister for Equality, Justice and Social Policies, Nerea Melgosa, and the Director of Migration and Asylum, Xabier Legarreta, visited the premises of the NGO When We Band Together, specialising in the care of women and minors residing in the Kara Tepe II camp, together with Zaporeak.

“They have explained to us that what they are trying to do is offer safe and anti-stress spaces for these people, who live in the countryside, where the security of coexistence is sometimes compromised,” said Nerea Melgosa.

The Basque delegation spoke with the users and showed their solidarity at really difficult times. "We have to reiterate that it is necessary to re-humanise the treatment of migrants, as the Old Continent taught us in its day," added Legarreta.

The Basque delegation, led by the department head, also travelled to the kitchens of Zaporeak, where they helped in the preparation of the day's rations. Nerea Melgosa and Xabier Legarreta did not hesitate to wear an apron and participate as one of the dozens of volunteers who, just yesterday, replaced the previous group.

Nerea Melgosa did not hesitate to wear Zaporeak's apron and participate as a volunteer in the preparation of the 2,200 servings of the day: chickpea salad. Together with her, also wearing her Zaporeak t-shirt, the director of Migration and Asylum, Xabier Legarreta, participated in the preparation and plating of the food to be distributed among the refugees and the organisations in the area that work with them. Subsequently, both travelled to the camp to deliver the food. The day ended with a meal in the kitchens of Zaporeak.

  • Photo Xaver
    2023 September 1

    Harrerako biztanleei planeta gutxiagorekin bizitzen irakastea ezin da onartu baliabide gehiago agortzen, ez dira denboran birsortzen, eta, horrela, etorkizuneko belaunaldien baliabideak hipotekatuz, iraganeko belaunaldiak baldintza okerragoetan bizitzen ikus daitezke.

  • Photo Xaver
    2023 September 1

    Enseñar a la población de acogida a vivir con menos el planeta no se puede permitir agotar más recursos no se regeneran en tiempo y con ello hipotecando los recursos generaciones futuras se pueden ver viviendo en peores condiciones generaciones pasadas.

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