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The tourist sector in the Basque Country: "strategic" as a way out of the economic crisis

2012 January 17

Tourism in the Basque Country has experienced steady growth over the last 28 months. In figures, this means that tourism in the Basque Country represents 5.3% of the GDP, is a sector that is worth 3,600 million euros a year to the Basque economy and employs nearly 93,000 people.

Lehendakari Patxi López, the Basque Premier, quoted these figures today in Madrid, where he called for an integral tourism plan for all the autonomous communities of Spain as "we are more powerful when working together". The Lehendakari also stressed the need for the private sector to be involved in the actions to drive Spanish tourism, a brand that "can be our shop window to the world". López went on to stress that setting our sights abroad and innovating in the tourist sector will be "fundamental as a way out of the economic crisis".

The Lehendakari today was at IFEMA, the Madrid exhibition centre, invited by Exceltur to take part at the 6th Tourist Leadership Forum. The theme this year was "Tourism, the motor for growth and employment: challenges to drive a major commitment to improve the competitive position of Spanish tourism".

During his speech, the Basque premier highlighted the major leap forwards by tourism in the Basque Country. It now attracts over 2.3 million visitors and is an emerging sector noted for excellence, innovation and competitiveness.

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