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249 young people from the Basque Country have taken part in the Auzolandegiak Youth Volunteering Camps programme

2023 August 11
  • The Youth Department of the Basque Government has organised 10 camps in the Basque Country this summer
  • 144 young people from the Basque Country opted for volunteer camps in other Autonomous Communities and 9 in international camps
  • 120 young people from other Autonomous Communities have been able to visit the Basque Country thanks to the programme

This morning, the Director of Youth of the Basque Government, Miren Saratxaga, visited the Auzolandegiak/Youth Volunteer Camps of Derio and Trapagaran.

This year, a total of 249 young people from the Basque Country took part in the Auzolandegiak/Youth Volunteering Camps programme, organised by the Basque Government's Youth Department, which aims to encourage young people from different backgrounds to participate voluntarily and disinterestedly in the development of social outreach work for 15 days.

The Auzolandegi in Derio has been promoted by APNABI Autismo Bizkaia, which works to improve the quality of life and promote the development and inclusion of people with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder).

In it, 15 young people between 18 and 26 years old are carrying out maintenance activities in the ecological garden of the day care centre. In addition to learning about organic farming, they have had the opportunity to learn more about energy efficiency, thanks to the state-of-the-art building in which this volunteer camp is taking place.

It should also be noted that they are sharing experiences with users of the centre, encouraging their participation. 

For its part, the Auzolandegi in Trapagaran, promoted by the City Council of Trapagaran, is aimed at remodelling the route with sculptures that runs through the area of the mining lakes located in the Arboleda and which make up the natural space of the Zugastieta park.

The 20 young participants, aged between 14 and 17, have remodelled several of the areas surrounding the sculptures, thus helping to maintain them, and have created a route with QR codes to make it easier to follow them.

In addition to Derio and Trapagaran, volunteer camps have been held in Muxika, Arraia-Maeztu, Alonsotegi, Bilbao, Erandio, Bergara, Lekeitio and Lemoa. Each of them has had a specific theme: archaeology and the recovery of industrial heritage, recovery of historical heritage and the environment, social revitalisation of the elderly, historical memory, etc.

During the mornings they carried out the thematic work of the volunteer camp and in the afternoons and weekends they have dedicated themselves to leisure, cultural and sporting activities.

Furthermore, 144 young people from the Basque Country have taken part in volunteer camps in other Autonomous Communities and another 9 people in volunteer camps abroad in countries such as Japan, France, Germany and Estonia.

  • Photo Xaver
    2023 August 26

    Boluntariotzari esker, esperientzia jakin bat lor daiteke, eta, gainera, gainerako pertsonei eta ingurumenari laguntzen zaie hondatutako eremuetan, neurri gabe kontsumitzen baita zenbait lekutan ere, adibidez, lehenago erabiltzen den ibilgailu pertsonala ingurune alternatiboa baino.

  • Photo Xaver
    2023 August 26

    Bien lo del voluntariado permite incluso obtener cierta experiencia además de ayudar a las demás personas y medio ambiente en zonas deterioro consumo sin mesura siquiera en algunos lugares como que se usa antes por ejemplo el vehículo personal que medio alternativo

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