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The Basque Country is reinforced as a European Innovative Region (Governing Council 11/7/2023)

2023 July 11
  • The Regional Innovation Scoreboard 2023 (RIS 2023) places the Basque Country in the group of “highly innovative” regions, after rising 21 places to 72nd position out of 239 regions.
  • It is the best-positioned Autonomous Community of the State and its performance in innovation is higher than the EU-27 average (109.8%).
  • Again, the European Commission points to the Basque Country as a “hub of excellence”, as it is a highly innovative region in a State qualified as a state of moderate innovation.
  • Its main strengths lie in the high qualification of its young population, in the high impacts of innovation in terms of sales of new products and in the high percentage of people in life-long learning processes.
  • The Basque Country continues to face the challenge of increasing the percentage of innovative SMEs and increasing investment in innovation activities such as design, marketing, intellectual and industrial property management and training.

The Minister for Economic Development, Sustainability and Environment, Arantxa Tapia, reported on the evolution and situation of the Basque Country in the Innovation Ranking of European regions 2023.

According to the Regional Innovation Scoreboard (RIS) 2023 report recently published by the European Commission, the Basque Country is among the European regions that are highly innovative, having grown its innovative performance by 11.5% since 2016.

The improvement of its innovative performance compared to the EU average from 103.6% to 109.8% is very remarkable. As a result, it has risen from position 93 to 72 of the 239 innovative European regions. This has been thanks to a general improvement of all indicators for which there is public information.

The Regional Innovation Scoreboard measures the performance of regional innovation systems in Europe and is considered the main international reference in this field.  

Most regions are categorised with the same or lower category of innovation as that of the State to which they belong. The Basque Country is a highly innovative region in a state categorised as being of moderate innovation. Therefore, the European Commission describes the Basque Country as a “hub of excellence”. This is the case for a few regions, for example: Prague in the Czech Republic; the autonomous province of Trento, Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Emilia-Romagna in Italy and the region of Budapest in Hungary.

Euskadi's innovative performance is almost 10% higher than the European Union average (+9.8%). It also ranks well above the State average (+23%), in a leadership position compared to the rest of the Autonomous Communities.

Its main strengths lie in the impact of innovation on new product sales and the highly qualified young population. There are also some challenges related, for example, to the protection of innovation in community designs.

High innovation in a state of moderate innovation

High-innovation regions are often found in high-innovation countries. Although you can also find some “hubs of excellence” located in countries of moderate innovation, as is the case of the Basque Country within the Spanish State.

Euskadi is the Autonomous Community of the State best positioned in this ranking, ranking above other reference regions such as Madrid, Catalonia and Navarre, which are classified as highly innovative regions. In addition, in this round Euskadi has improved its score with respect to the second region, the Community of Madrid. Specifically, in 2021 its score was 2.6 percentage points above that of Madrid and in this round this difference is extended to 3.2 percentage points.

In almost all countries, the most innovative region is usually the one that houses the capital of the country. However, the Basque Country is an exception, since its level of innovation is higher than that of the Community of Madrid. This case is rarely repeated. It is, however, in the Italian regions mentioned above, in Upper Bavaria in Germany and Flanders in Belgium.

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    2023 November 29

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    @Eib777777 @Cotec_Innova @cristinagarmend @Innobasque @grupospri @AmundarainMikel @estiherlavina @EkoGarapena @Gob_eus Kaixo! A nivel de la UE, según el Regional Innovation Scoreboard 2023 que elabora la Comisión Europea, Euskadi se sitúa en el grupo de territorios de “alta innovación”, después de ascender 21 puestos hasta la posición 72 de 239.

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